The opportunity to get actively involved with innovative collaborations alongside public sector partners and leading technology providers.



A digital DPIA platform that will be fundamental to an organisation’s ‘privacy by design’ approach and improve collaboration with partners – unlocking DPIA’s from their organisational silos.


Following on from a Discovery phase project Looking Local are planning to develop a digital, self-service Care & Support Assessment solution for both customers and staff.


CC2i is keen to keep up momentum in this space by bringing together a number of new digital collaborations around the challenges faced by local government & partners within Adult Social Care.


Fully Co-Funded 100%

A project that tackles the complicated relationships between patients, GPs, pharmacists, hospitals, carers, and family members in terms of medicine management.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

An agile, digital discovery approach to the new Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) legislation with the aim to develop a digital solution that works for all partners.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

Dojo: Councillor is a dedicated cyber awareness and GDPR eLearning solution for elected members. Co-designed by DPOs and Information Governance Managers.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

A digital labour exchange to increase the pool of vetted care-givers from within the community and deliver more flexible & appropriate care services to those in need.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

Dojo: InfoGov is a public sector focused information governance training solution, co-funded and co-designed by eight local authorities.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

Technical and business analysis into Blockchain, funded and driven by a consortium of over 25 Local Authorities and published September 2018.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

A collaborative project with three councils and technical solution architects Looking Local, to undertake collective analysis and develop a prototype for a self-service care needs assessment.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

Dojo: Cyber is a public sector focused cyber awareness and GDPR eLearning solution which educates all levels of staff, co-funded and co-designed by ten public sector organisations.