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collaboration idea?

If you or your organisation has a challenge to
solve which is a priority to c20+ local authorities
and where there is no existing digital solution,
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Your CQC Inspection

We’ve created a short e-magazine reminiscent
of a ‘PhotoLove’ story to simply and effectively
explain how Contact&Connect: CQC is a proven
way of engaging with ASC service users, widening
access, contacting seldom heard groups, and
allowing councils to easily compare, collate,
understand and evidence their lived experience
and wider ASC feedback.


Contact&Connect –
Supporting everyone
in Adult Social Care

Contact&Connect is a Multi Channel
Communications Platform driving regular, planned
service user engagement around a range of adult
social care services, using automated telephony
and texts.


MAST (Multi Agency
Safeguarding Tracker)

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Tracker (MAST) is a
data driven solution that allows all partners with
mandatory responsibility for safeguarding to
securely share headline data, underpinned by
a documented information governance structure.


CC2i Fundamentals –
Cyber Training

A customisable cyber training suite and behaviour
change platform curated by the team at CC2i with
our partners at Hut Six. Fundamentals is a
progressive, trackable and proven way of delivering
cyber training to your workforce.


Contact&Connect –
Statistics Bureau

The Contact&Connect ‘Statistics Bureau’ delivers
highly detailed reports based on the data captured
from calls, the results of which are clear and
graphical representations of your service user

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Welcome to CC2i, a public sector co-funding and collaboration platform. We bring local authorities together to co-fund and co-design digital solutions for shared priority challenges. Our unique approach focuses on critical challenges, avoids duplication, and compensates participating authorities. We’ve successfully delivered projects for over 70 public sector partners, using a proven legal framework and expert technical partners.

Our expertise also covers a wide range of areas, from initial sector engagement to solicit ideas and challenges, through the technical partner and co-funder engagement, legal and procurement frameworks, project scoping, programme management, business case & commercial modelling, all the way to ensuring the timely delivery of a range of valuable, usable, and scalable digital solutions to key challenges. Our model is unique – we are the only public sector focused collaboration platform currently working in the UK and we have an approach that allows local authorities to work together to reduce risk, share costs and outsource IT to industry experts.


West Midlands MAST is now live and the first Welsh MAST is in production; both key breakthroughs in the effort to support vulnerable children and adults, and overcome systemic information sharing barriers. MAST is a unique, publicly funded digital solution solving both the IT and GDPR challenges to pro-actively share critical, real time, headline information and use a data driven approach to inform safeguarding professionals and the people they support.

As we progress through Autumn, CC2i has been hosting a series of webinars showcasing our work, specifically focusing on Contact&Connect and the automated telephony approach – from community loan recall, wheelchairs, as well as CQC inspections, there’s something for everyone in our October/November programme. Click the button below to find out more.

CC2i is in the process of bringing a collaboration of like-minded local authorities together to co-design an outsourced or ‘trusted assessor’ model to address the growing backlogs of care and support assessments, with outsourcing and call centre experts Reed in Partnership.
Find out more by clicking the button below.


Our products are the results of collaborative public sector co-design. They have been thoughtfully designed by the public sector for the public sector. These careful solutions are now available for your organisation, and can be deployed immediately to help you with your relevant challenges.

An Automated Telephony platform, helping local authorities keep in touch with service users and drive service efficiencies. Currently focused on post reablement contact to reduce hospital readmissions, community loan equipment recalls and 90 day reporting, but with the flexibility to address new services as required.

A customisable cyber and information governance training suite developed by CC2i in partnership with Hut Six. Fundamentals covers a wide variety of cyber topics as well as offering a number of features and capabilities to ensure that the modules meet each organisation’s specific needs.

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Tracker (MAST) is a data driven solution that allows all partners with mandatory responsibility for safeguarding to securely share headline data, underpinned by a documented information governance structure. Co-designed by a group of West Midlands partners.