CC2i is a public sector co-funding and collaboration platform enabling public sector bodies to co-fund solutions to their shared digital challenges.



If you have a challenge or solution that you think is shared by 20 others across the public sector and could benefit from co-design and co-funding, then please get in touch.


If you have a challenge or solution that you think is shared by 20 others across the public sector and could benefit from co-design and co-funding, then please get in touch.


Council led collaboration looking for four or five partners to help co-design the extension to the Hospital to Home (Digital D2A) solution to cover intermediate care and extend the ‘single source of the truth’ to partners.


Fully Co-Funded 100%

A council-led, collaborative project to deliver a personalised automated telephony solution to people within your community who are in need of additional support due to isolation or vulnerability.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

A digital Discharge to Assess (D2A) platform that can be used to support a safe and timely discharge from acute hospitals to community health and social care. 

Fully Co-Funded 100%

A platform to help people with learning disabilities live more independently, with a dual focus on supporting people to address their employability and better manage their mental health.


Public Sector Shared Challenges

Are you facing a challenge that is shared by multiple organisations like yours and can it be solved digitally? If so, then CC2i is a proven way to get things done sharing the risk, budget and with minimal demand on scarce resources.

Private Sector Proven Solutions

If you have a solution that addresses a priority within the public sector and would benefit from co-design and co-funding to adapt it for the challenges being experienced across the sector, the CC2i approach can help you drive product development and scale.

Step 1. The Challenge

What is the challenge? Why is it a priority and is it shared by multiple public sector organisations?

Step 2. Scoping

Working together we begin to pin down the issues, detail the business case, scope the market and understand what it will take to get a group together to co-design, test and deploy a solution.

Step 3. Co-Funding

Once we have an agreed 'pitch', we start to promote it to the relevant networks and stakeholders to get a diverse group of public sector bodies together.​

Step 4. Project Phase

Led by the technology provider, the collaboration begins to co-design and build the agreed solution, using agile discovery and development phases.

Step 5. Delivery

The solution is signed off by all and deployed to the co-funding partners - one key element of the CC2i approach is that co-funders *always* benefit for stepping up and getting involved.

Step 6. Scale/Sales

CC2i goes forth to multiply! In the process of getting the initial co-fund together, we will speak to numerous bodies which lays the foundation to scale the resulting solution more widely.


Fully Co-Funded 100%

An Automated Telephony platform, helping local authorities keep in touch with service users and drive service efficiencies. Currently focussed on post reablement contact to reduce hospital readmissions, community loan equipment recalls and 90 day reporting, but with the flexibility to address new services as required.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

Hospital to Home offers case management and tracking functionality, allowing users from multiple organisations to create, update and track Discharge to Assess cases through an open, human driven workflow. Hospital to Home was co-designed with local authorities and their health and care partners as part of the Local Government Association’s Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator 2020/21.

Fully Co-Funded 100%

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Tracker (MAST) is a data driven solution that allows all partners with mandatory responsibility for safeguarding to securely share headline data, underpinned by a documented information governance structure. Co-designed by a group of West Midlands partners which include Walsall Council amongst others.