It's time for action. Time to stop talking about digital collaboration, and move towards a world where it's commonplace for local authorities, social housing and health organisations to co-fund and collaborate on the development of digital products that solve our shared challenges.


Ideas come from all sources.


They come from SME's with brilliant, innovative ideas who struggle to make themselves heard in the marketplace. They come from digital teams within the public sector who, on their own, don't have the resources to build the solutions that they need which could be as useful to them as they would be to many of their peers across the country.


We need to do more than just share ideas and approaches. We're supportive of all kinds of efforts that are ongoing in that regard but we think something entirely more radical, more disruptive is needed to change the status quo. 


We can work together to understand and articulate our shared challenges. We can work together to enable digital teams, wherever they sit (whether they are commercial or public sector), to pitch and properly fund their ideas and products such that they deliver a robust and secure digital service up and down the country. We can do all of this whilst ensuring the public purse gets real bang for its buck. We've got a number of pitches currently going through the campaign stages - with more to follow.


It's time to Co-fund and Collaborate to Innovate. 


A warm welcome to CC2i. More about our story here.


Crowdfunding on a corporate scale - making digital collaboration work for local authorities, housing associations and health organisations across the UK