Contact&Connect: Community Loan Recall

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Keeping track of and replenishing community loan equipment is both complex and expensive. Although many of the bigger items are returned once they are no longer required, numerous smaller items are never returned, resulting in substantial costs for the council and their healthcare partners. Additionally, many individuals continue to use reablement or rehabilitation aids even after their needs have shifted, or when the equipment has been upgraded or requires replacement, which councils are often unaware of until the person reaches a crisis point.

Contact&Connect: Community Loan Recall was created to address this issue – the automated telephony service keeps in touch with service users on a regular basis to ensure equipment is returned when appropriate, that it is still working properly and continues to meet their care and support needs.


Immediate, real time intelligence

Crisis prevention and a more proactive, personalised approach

Ongoing conversation

Reduced budget for new equipment

Streamlining of prescribing practice

Better use of assets & improved turnover of equipment

Reducing presentations in primary care settings

Supporting resource prioritisation and management 

Addressing the recycling and green agendas

Ability to engage with service users on a regular basis

Helping people feel supported and ‘in the system’

Service co-designed with local authorities & their health/care partners


Our product is designed to help local councils save money and reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging the return of community loan equipment. Such equipment is typically loaned out to service users who require mobility aids such as crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs. However, these items are often not returned once they are no longer needed, leading to unnecessary waste and expense for local councils.

The encouragement of the return of community loan equipment has meant councils have seen significant financial savings, with the reduced need for purchasing new equipment and repairing or replacing lost or damaged items. The most surprising saving has however been the reduction of the carbon footprint of local councils, by preventing unnecessary production and disposal of equipment. For example, Sunderland City Council saw carbon savings equivalent to 165,804 miles driven in a car and the production of 6,736 steel crutches in just 12 months. The full savings can be seen below:

“Contact&Connect had instant appeal, it is a quick and easy solution that hits our demographic. We are able to communicate with people at scale with a very straightforward set of questions. Immediately people really engaged, and as a result we are having really rich conversations with the customers who respond to the telephony approach and ask us for further support. The return rate that we’ve got in terms of equipment is really positive and the benefits around being able to prevent people from finding themselves in more difficult situations have been huge.”

Emma Anderson, Occupational Therapy Service Manager – Sunderland City Council

Co-designed in partnership with Sunderland City Council

Sunderland City Council