Feedback we have received from partners across both the public and private sector, in terms of their involvement in the CC2i collaborative process.

Jemma Horrocks

Quality Assurance Officer, Lincolnshire County Council

Digital Care and Support Assessment

“Working with other local authorities and industry professionals in early exploration of ideas and direction was a refreshing start to a project. There were clear benefits from the outset, including the much smaller outlay and risk compared with procuring a solution alone. But softer benefits that emerged during the collaboration can also not be underestimated; this has been a highly engaging opportunity, generating creative ideas and encouraging a broader consideration of options. Involvement has offered tangible benefits in terms of a good value product option, also improving insight into our localised needs and how these might be best met. The process was well facilitated by knowledgeable, friendly, open individuals; all of which  helped us bring service user groups into the co-design activity.”

Edmund Willis

Care and Health Improvement Programme Adviser, Local Government Association

SCDIA 2019/20 & 2020/21

“Throughout the Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA) programme, CC2i have been highly creative, flexible and receptive commercial partners. They have worked at pace to support collaboration and co-funding between councils and statutory partners, identifying technology partners and facilitating rapid discovery and development. This has been critical to success and ensured completion of three ambitious and complex projects involving many diverse stakeholders even through the considerable challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing council adoption and interest in these new products and approaches to innovation, and in prior projects supporting Liberty Protection Safeguards and medicines support in domiciliary care, are testament to the dynamism and value CC2i bring to the adult social care sector.”

Jackie Harris

Project Manager, Digital Adult Social Care, NHS Digital

SCDIA 2019/20 & 2020/21

“Through the Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA) programme, I have liaised closely with the LGA and CC2i, the commercial partners, who co-ordinated the SCDIA projects over the previous 2 years. CC2i have been highly effective in identifying and matching co-funding councils and technology partners to provide technical solutions to similar problems facing local authorities (eg Safeguarding, D2A). They have been excellent at working at pace and have been flexible and adaptable to the various needs of each of the co-funding councils and have facilitated collaborative working across all partners to ensure the completion and success of the SCDIA projects within very tight timescales. The CC2i team are highly professional, with a good understanding of the local authority and technology supplier landscape. Their commitment to each of the SCDIA projects has led to their successful delivery with ongoing support from CC2i to encourage further council adoption. It has been a pleasure working with CC2i, especially seeing the SCDIA projects up and running with positive feedback from the stakeholders.”

Brian Hole

Digital Programme Manager, Dorset Council

SCDIA 2019/20: Liberty Protection Safeguards

“When we first heard about the work CC2i were doing it was probably the subject matter that attracted us in the first instance over the development approach. LPS was and still is a priority and we were very pleased to join the SCDIA and the ability to access the expertise of multiple professionals from several Local Authorities. The purchasing power of those Authorities and the match funding arrangements on most opportunities mean we get great value for money. Logistics and developer appointment was all taken care of by the CC2i facilitation work with regular updates, show & tells and reports. If you’re looking to reduce cost, de-risk or not sure you have the skills locally to tackle a complex development then I would thoroughly recommend this type of collaborative approach. We have since joined other projects with great results and the CC2i website is a regular ‘Go-To’ on the favourites list to see what the latest opportunities are.”

Marc Greenwood

Head of Business Systems and Continuous Improvement, Coventry City Council

Digital Care and Support Assessment & Liberty Protection Safeguards

“The experience of working with other LA’s to collaborate, scope and design workable solutions for the public sector has been inspiring. Coming together on shared problems and identifying opportunities has ensured new ideas and perspectives have been achieved. CC2i have ensured that the collaboration was smooth and seamless, listening to our needs and working with us to shape the opportunities. I will be looking at other collaborations in the future.”

Lorenzo Gordon

Co-founder and CEO, Maldaba Ltd

Discharge 2 Assess – Hospital to Home

“We met and worked with CC2i in 2020 as part of the NHS Digital and LGA SCDIA programme. Maldaba were the technical delivery partner co-producing a solution with five local authorities and their NHS partners to provide a single version of the truth for the Discharge to Assess medical pathway. Working with CC2i was a pleasure, they provided momentum, project support and facilitation throughout. Their understanding of the local authority ecosystem and their network within the same were invaluable. As the project moves from successful MVP delivery to commercial roll-out, CC2i are again demonstrating their value with their effective marketing, and sales pipeline. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with CC2i, and we look forward to working with them again to resolve knotty problems within the public sector. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

James Palmer

Programme Head of the Social Care Programme, NHS Digital 

SCDIP/SCDIA: 2019/2020 & 2020/21

“Digital technology can make a huge difference to people’s lives and the projects funded through these programmes have improved social care as well as empowered people by giving them more control over their own wellbeing. Front line staff have worked incredibly hard to make these programmes successful and we now want to ensure these fantastic innovations can be adopted by more social care providers, local authorities and charities so that as many people as possible can experience the benefits they bring.”

Amy Swift

Senior Project Manager, Herefordshire Council

Discharge 2 Assess – Hospital to Home

“Herefordshire Council got involved in the pilot of a new system to support hospital discharge in July 2020.  The process was well run and coordinated by staff involved across Maldaba and CC2i.  The co-funding process is a great way for Councils to get involved in pieces of work; the financial risk is shared, and we can learn from other LAs about how they work, about their strengths and challenges.  Whilst it was not always straightforward or easy, (particularly when you are essentially starting with a blank piece of paper!), the process has resulted in a system which Herefordshire Council have purchased, and are now in process of planning implementation.  CC2i/Maldaba/Tech in Care have done an excellent job and are a great bunch of people to work with.”