These are the results of collaborative co-design – designed by the public sector for the public sector and available for your organisation to deploy.

Around 50% of all equipment loaned to support reablement or rehabilitation is not returned, at a significant cost to the council as well as environmental implications. Contact and Connect will keep in touch with service users on a quarterly basis and when they feel their equipment can be returned – or it needs replacing – the system will flag a follow-on action to the relevant team.

A customisable cyber and information governance training suite developed by CC2i in partnership with Hut Six. The product covers a wide variety of cyber topics as well as offering a number of features and capabilities to ensure that Fundamentals is orientated around each individual customer.

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Tracker (MAST) is a data driven solution that allows all partners with mandatory responsibility for safeguarding to securely share headline data, underpinned by a documented information governance structure. MAST was co-designed by a group of West Midlands partners including Walsall Council, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire & Rescue and Walsall Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Hospital to Home was developed in response to the challenge of safely discharging people from hospital under the Discharge to Assess (D2A) model. D2A requires a multi-agency approach and is often disconnected; Hospital to Home is a digital platform offering partners a ‘single version of the truth’ to ensure safe and timely discharge of patients.

BetterCare Support is an animation-led platform to assess multi-tiered care and support eligibility, across the 10 areas of the Care Act. The platform – co-designed by six councils – takes a strengths-based approach and is changing the way Adult Social Care teams undertake assessments.

A collaborative project lead by Information Governance (IG) experts spanning the public sector. Dapian embeds Privacy by Design principles, ensures DPIA’s are completed at the right time whilst supporting and empowering the wider business to take ownership for completing their own DPIA’s.

CoLiberty, created by Local Authorities and their health partners, is a flexible digital solution available now to tackle the current deprivation of liberty caseload under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) scheme and set up to incorporate the incoming Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) scheme.

BetterCare Account

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