Blockchain for Local Government Services

In collaboration with 25 local authorities across the region


Technical and business analysis into Blockchain, funded and driven by a consortium of over 25 local authorities and published in September 2018. This report sets the landscape for Blockchain in local government and its potential application to a range of candidate services.

Alongside a clear overview of the technology, the report details governance architecture options, smart contracts, cryptography, international government Blockchain examples, addresses GDPR concerns and more.

In addition, two local government focused tools were commissioned as part of this collaboration, the first to enable councils to assess the appropriateness of Blockchain to a particular service and a second to determine what type of Blockchain would best support those services.



The ‘Blockchain for Local Government Services’ report is available to all public sector organisations. It is written in plain English and about a one hour read.

In addition to the report, interested public sector parties gain access to the Blockchain for Local Government assessment tool and a growing library of use case scenarios. Currently use case scenarios exist around identity, ASC, new starters, procurements, Section 106 agreements, procurement and more.