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All local authorities have to complete the 90 day reporting as part of NHS Digital’s Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, as to where people are 90 days after their hospital discharge – specifically known as the ASCOF 2b measure.

This reporting can be a very time intensive process due to the need to pull together and assess a number of different spreadsheets and/or data streams. Then comes the process of actually calling – and getting through to – everyone to confirm whether they have been readmitted to hospital. In some cases this can be 100s of calls every month, taking significant time to complete and then report on. 


Contact&Connect: 90-day reporting has been co-designed with Gateshead Council to automatically contact all people at 90 days and ask them the key ASCOF 2b question and automate this standard process. Critically if the call is not answered, the system automatically tries again and can also send an SMS to get the required response. In addition the call collects satisfaction and patient services feedback to help councils improve their wider reablement service. 


  • 100% of calls to complete and report on every month with limited resource. 
  • Hard to keep track of multiple data streams spread across too many platforms.
  • Significant, cost to council over time.
  • Ensuring the ascof 2b measures are completed within 90 days of discharge.


  • Contact&Connect: 90 day reporting has been co-designed and tested with the adult social care team and data experts at Gateshead Council.
  • Data brought into the Contact&Connect system identifies which pathway the person was released on, so adapts the questions accordingly.
  • Dashboards give you direct access to reports to download and support monthly ASCOF submissions.
  • ‘Free speech’ option can be enabled to allows you to capture a recording of an individual’s response to a particular question or element of their care or pathway.
  • Person data can be uploaded manually or automated in your system and share via SFTP link.
  • Contact&Connect: 90 day reporting can stand alone or be part of a post reablement automated telephony approach.


  • Reducing time spent reporting on ASCOF 2b by at least 50%
  • Increasing the response rate and currency to ASCOF 2b reporting
  • Increasing response rates to annual reablement/partner satisfaction surveys
  • Supporting continuous improvement with partners
  • Enabling an ongoing conversation with people/patients
  • Increasing the accuracy of reporting across the board