About Us

It’s time for action. Time to stop talking about digital collaboration and move towards a world where it’s commonplace for local authorities, social housing, health organisations – any public sector organisation – to co-fund and collaborate on the development of digital products that solve our shared challenges.

Ideas come from all corners; they come from SME’s with brilliant, innovative ideas who struggle to make themselves heard in the public sector system. They come from digital teams within the public sector who, on their own, don’t have the resources to build the solutions they need – and which could be as useful to them as they would be to others across the country.

CC2i is a different way of approaching public sector technology, one where sharing the risk, the cost and pooling subject matter expertise ensures that solutions meet the widest possible public sector requirements. It’s a way in which innovation can infiltrate public sector quicker and how disparate councils and partner organisations can work together to progress at a faster speed and a fraction of the cost.

We can work together to understand and articulate our shared challenges. We can work together to enable digital teams, wherever they sit (whether they are commercial or public sector), to pitch and properly fund their ideas and products such that they deliver a robust and secure digital service up and down the country. We can do all of this whilst ensuring the public purse gets real bang for its buck.

It’s time to Co-fund and Collaborate to Innovate.



The costs for using CC2i are simple and transparent. It goes like this:

  • £500 listing fee
  • 20% of the funds raised through the platform for any given project

That’s it. Nothing hidden. No complex formulas.

The listing fee covers the time and effort to help support you in formulating your pitch, agreeing a timetable for communications, drafting all of those and reviewing/agreeing the target audiences – from our vast and varied network – that we will reach out to. This fee is only payable once you are happy that the pitch is ready to go live.

Then, for example, if we manage to raise £25,000 for your project – a fee of £5,000 + VAT is due from the organisation receiving the funds. Most pitches will build those costs into their overall budget for the project.

CC2i also supports the broader scaling up of solutions by developing the business case and directing sales and marketing efforts. In that CC2i acts as the reseller in most cases, this is critical work to ensure the resulting solutions are scalable and sustainable. Reselling terms are negotiated on a case by case basis – so if you have a question or want to discuss a new project get in touch.