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BetterCare Support

An intuitive, digital approach to Care & Support Assessments
co-designed by six councils.


BetterCare Support is an animation-led platform to assess multi-tiered care and support eligibility, across the 10 areas of the Care Act. The platform takes a strengths-based approach and is changing the way Adult Social Care teams undertake assessments.

Users are guided through a series of short animations for each of the areas of the Care Act to indicate what level of care they need (if any). The “laddering” process offers the shortest route possible through the system, putting users in control of only assessing the areas where they feel they need support.

The series of engaging animations coaxes best quality responses and captures the needs of the person being assessed. Individuals are pointed to relevant local and national information, advice and guidance services, even if they’re not eligible for social care and support.

Whilst focused on self-assessment, the platform has also been developed as a tool for OTs, social workers and ASC practitioners. Co-designed by councils to improve the Care & Support assessment process, this comprehensive and intuitive digital approach has taken on more significance in light of Covid due to face-to-face challenges and assessment backlogs.


“This has been a highly engaging opportunity, generating creative ideas and encouraging a broader consideration of options. Involvement has offered tangible benefits in terms of a good value product option, also improving insight into our localised needs and how these might be best met.”

Jemma Horrocks, Quality Assurance Officer – Lincolnshire County Council


The platform reduces the number of home visits required and unnecessary contact from individuals who don’t meet the eligibility criteria, whilst also giving a more informed view of the individuals needs prior to any further contact – creating compelling efficiency savings.

Alongside the technology a full business case has been developed in partnership with the councils involved, indicating significant financial savings and service improvements.

A webinar recording focused on the project and resulting solution – featuring Lincolnshire County Council speaking about their involvement and the benefits they see BetterCare Support offering – can be seen here:

To find out more about the business case, as well as the features and functionality of BetterCare Support, please visit the website where you can also find an online BetterCare Support demonstration.