Liberty Protection Safeguards

A project that has created a multi-partner, secure, interoperable and accessible case collaboration system to notify, assign, track and authorise deprivations of liberty.



Facilitated by leading local government technology developers Looking Local, the co-design workshop began the discovery phase in August 2019.

The five collaborating councils along with the LPS lead from ADASS and representatives from both the LGA & NHS Digital discussed in detail the incoming legislation, the changes that would be required, plus time spent identifying the key issues and common challenges within the current DoLS process. 

The workshop was the first step in the process of determining the role, shape and size that a digital product could play in the new LPS process. Following the workshop Looking Local spent time onsite with individual councils shadowing and interviewing key staff. 

The discovery phase was completed and the project progressed into development. You can request the LPS discovery report by getting in touch below.


The development phase of this project is now complete and the resulting ‘CoLiberty’ solution – essential DoLS and LPS case management software for supervisory/responsible bodies, is now available for local authorities, CCGs, hospital trusts and other managing authorities. 

For more information on the solution and to request a demo, please head to the CoLiberty page by following the button below.