Adult Social Care Accelerator

Having successfully started the LGA/NHS Digital Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA) during Summer 2019, CC2i was keen to keep up momentum in this space by bringing together a number of new digital collaborations around the challenges faced by local government & partners within Adult Social Care.


The SCDIA generated a lot of interest – we spoke with over 75 councils in just six weeks – and we knew there was a willingness to engage with good projects using a collaborative, council-led co-design approach. It also made engaging with new digital ASC projects easy – no long funding submissions plus the benefits of sharing budget, risk and resources – and our new accelerator kept it just as simple.


To start this new ASC Accelerator we needed help to identify and choose the best projects. And to do this there were four simple questions:

  • Do you have a challenge you think is likely to be shared by 20 other LAs? If so, what is it? (minimum a sentence maximum a paragraph)
  • Why is it important? (e.g: incoming legislation, resource-intensive process etc)
  • Would you consider collaborating on a digital solution to address it by inputting subject matter expertise and budget with other councils?
  • Do you know any provider already developing in this area?

It could have been a feeling, a gem of an idea or something that you categorically knew would make ASC more efficient and effective, not just in your authority, but in others. 

There will be hundreds of challenges and good ideas out there and we needed help to collate them, so if you could have developed anything to help improve ASC delivery what would it have been? And if you didn’t know the solution to your challenge, simply define the challenge. 

We set up a Survey Monkey form, which took respondents through the four questions above. We didn’t want reams of background or even necessarily the solution to the issue, just a paragraph as to the challenge and why it’s important.

Ideas generated by the survey (blue text suggests challenges raised by multiple organisations):

adult social care accelerator