Statistics Bureau

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With thousands of calls going out every week, our Contact&Connect bureau service is now able to deliver further value from the real time responses of those receiving the calls. Whilst we regularly find people who have equipment to return or whose equipment is broken, people who have fallen or who can’t take their medication, the call data also gives us quality insight into both the individual and wider service, patterns of service delivery as well as community needs. 

Depending on the service Contact&Connect is supporting, the underlying data can evidence how services are being commissioned, consumed, how different cohorts feel (and more), as well as helping with provider management, workforce development, satisfaction levels and wider ASC strategy. 

The Contact&Connect ‘Statistics Bureau’ delivers highly detailed reports based on the data captured from calls, the results of which are clear and graphical representations of your service user feedback. Whether it is understanding patterns of social isolation by age or location, levels of satisfaction around care packages and provision (cut by gender, condition or care provider), prescriber habits or the financial savings and carbon capture of returned community equipment – the bureau turns your data into actionable insight. 


Deeper understanding of behaviour, needs and trends of people who draw on your social care services

Accessible, visual representation of your service user feedback

Ability to cut and slice the data based on a range of socio-demographic, clinical and care provision indicators

Ability to view service user feedback by geography to support place based services

Ability to track and compare services, provision and satisfaction over time

Ability to pick out themes, as well as track individual journeys through services such as reablement

Hearing and visualising ‘the voice’ of people who draw on ASC services to support CQC assurance inspections

Supporting decision making, contract management as well as strategy and investment planning

Improving training, processes and supporting your workforce based on real feedback


The Contact&Connect Bureau service is available to any partner who does not have the capacity or capability to extract the raw call data, and make sense of it. By regularly extracting, investigating and presenting the data in a clear and understandable format, partners are able to really see the results of the services they deliver, and have clear evidence and feedback to bring into improvement practices. Many of our partners have never been able to access this level of information before and the reports have value at every level from carers on the ground to commissioners and senior leadership.