CC2i Fundamentals - Cyber and Information Governance Training

Designed in partnership with Hut Six


A customisable cyber and information governance training suite curated by CC2i and our partners at Hut Six. Fundamentals covers the essentials of cyber security with modules that are designed to drive behaviour change, nurture good cyber practices, and enhance overall readiness. Topics include Phishing, Password Security, Offline Security, Social Media and more. Enjoy the flexibility to release modules on your schedule, track user progress, and much more.


Personalised learning experience with localised branding, including custom logos, colour schemes, and tailored organisation email addresses

Experience real-life application with scenario-based modules where your choices shape the outcome of the narrative

Enhanced learning with interactive Q&A strategically placed throughout the content, moving beyond the traditional ‘watch and answer’ approach

Supporting resources page, providing information on services that supplement your cyber security infrastructure – such as antivirus softwares and VPN

In built module release schedule, allowing flexibility to roll out the training on the client’s terms, along with email prompts and reminders 

Dedicated reports manager feature, with real-time staff/group metrics and the ability to download concise, user friendly reports at any time


Having worked with cyber and information governance leads at over 150 local government organisations over the past five years, we know that Fundamentals offers the range of learning that local authorities and public sector partners require, as well as a number of sophisticated capabilities and features that ensures the training is genuinely orientated around your organisation.

We’ve also partnered with an organisation that really understands and responds to cyber security – founded in 2015 in Newport, South Wales, Hut Six helps protect people and organisations by delivering the best information security awareness programs.

With billions lost to cyber attacks and breaches every year, human error stands as the largest contributing factor. To combat these avoidable incidents, they provide training that educates staff on how to avoid information security threats and allows organisations to track and understand their staff’s behaviour.




Also available is our innovative ‘pick and mix’ cyber security training modules. Tailor your own education by selecting from our comprehensive suite of 12 scenario based modules, covering threat intelligence, network security, data protection, social engineering, incident response, and more. Designed by industry experts, they offer engaging content, practical examples, and real-world case studies. Create your own cyber security education suite, empower yourself or your team, and invest in your digital resilience.


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“The animations make the content more self-explanatory. Also helped me to achieve the goal of seeing the knowledge gaps within our staffs Cyber Security practices.”

Dartford Council

“We do get more reports to the service desk. So, staff are more vigilant.”

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

“Since 2020, CC2i & Hut Six have successfully delivered the Security Awareness Fundamentals training package to 26 local authorities and public bodies, and educated over 30,000 end users on the ever-evolving cyber and information risks they face at work and at home. CC2i have been an invaluable reseller for Hut Six; With their expertise in the risks local authorities face, we have expanded our product offering through CC2i to include our Information Governance Bolt On as well as a new Freedom of Information Bolt On.The feedback we have received from CC2i’s clients has been overwhelmingly positive. CC2i’s professionalism and efficiency have meant that each of our joint customers received best-in-class support and we look forward to rolling out further products together.”

Simon Fraser, CEO, Hut Six