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CC2i Fundamentals

Progressive and bespoke cyber training tailored for your organisation.


A customisable cyber training suite and behaviour change platform curated by the team at CC2i with our partners at Hut Six. Fundamentals is a progressive, trackable and proven way of delivering cyber training to your workforce. Covering a wide range of cyber topics as well as offering the ability to release modules at certain times, track user progress and much more. 


Having worked with cyber and information governance leads at over 150 local government organisations over the past five years, we know that Fundamentals offers the range of learning local authorities and public sector partners require.

As well as partnering with an organisation that really understands cyber security, Fundamentals offers a number of sophisticated capabilities and features that ensures the training is genuinely orientated around your organisation:

  • Engaging learning with the latest guidance on cyber security trends and threats, as well as clear messaging around good cyber practice.
  • Interactive Q&A embedded into the video modules that moves users away from the ‘watch a video then answer some questions’ approach.
  • Localised branding to include logos, colour schemes and specific organisation email addresses.
  • Supporting resources page which offers tips and information on a number of services such as antivirus software, file shredder services and ad-blocker installations.
  • Scenario based modules in which the outcome is affected by the choices that the user makes.
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“This is, honestly, one of the most digestible cyber training things I have done ever… it’s keeping my attention and absolutely loving the cyber awareness stuff. The little bits of personalisation are a nice touch.” 

Royal Borough of Greenwich



  • Introduction for Information Security
  • GDPR: Introduction
  • GDPR: How does it affect my organisation
  • Password Security
  • Phishing: Don’t take the Bait
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Media and Privacy
  • Using the Web Safely
  • Mobile Devices
  • Out of Office
  • Encouraging a Secure Culture
  • Handling Sensitive Information


  • Tutorial: GDPR: How does it affect me?
  • Scenario: GDPR: Moving Forward
  • Scenario: Handling Sensitive Information

Modules will be maintained and updated as part of the subscription and are available in SCORM format for deployment within your own Learning Management System or via a fully hosted platform (with data reports included as part of the service.)