Meet the Team

Guy Giles cc2i

Guy Giles

Guy’s been knocking around digital & government for over 20 years after leaving a career in management consultancy. Having done his time at the Cabinet Office he moved on to lead Looking Local at Kirklees Council. He’s worked with over 150 local authorities, housing associations and health organisations during this time and has a forensic knowledge of what makes them tick from a digital perspective. He’s also pretty frustrated – which may be linked to the previous sentence! CC2i came out of a sense that there must be another approach to fostering professional levels of collaboration between organisations that are fundamentally trying to do the same thing across the country. 


Jane Hancer

Jane has worked across a range of digital government services over the last 18 years, in fact a little longer if you count the time spent in the early ‘dotcom’ days spearheading public access to government data and online services. Having driven CC2i from the initial concept to a fully functioning collaboration, accelerator and scaling platform, Jane oversees the CC2i programme from early ideas to solution delivery. A previous career running picture desks at a number of leading photo agencies, Jane has a split focus on ‘process’ and ‘potential’, which offers a valuable mix of skills to both innovate and get things done.

Lottie image
Account Manager

Lottie Horwood

Lottie is the Account Manager for CC2i, which means she is a key member of the business development team. As part of looking after our existing customers, Lottie oversees much of our solution deployment, ongoing customer engagement and satisfaction, manages the website and receives reams of paperwork and requests in relation to it all. Safe to say there are few dull moments and Lottie is always alert, on the ball and busy.

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Sam Partridge

Sam heads up the marketing and business development for CC2i. With a career history in marketing and sales management, Sam has a lot of experience making sure our messaging and product brandings are perfect and works hard to ensure they are delivered to the right audiences. Utilising a deep product knowledge, Sam is confident at delivering all elements of marketing for the business. Whether it be an email, webinar, supporting collateral or social media content, Sam ensures each strategy aligns closely and most importantly she makes sure it all looks nice!

Kurtis image
Sales and Implementation Manager

Kurtis Janes

Kurtis is our Sales and Implementation Manager. His goal is to pull together all your ideas and bring them to life by working closely with our technical partners. As well as liaising with new clients, Kurtis also supports existing customers by assessing the data in more detail and better understanding the impact that CC2i’s products are having within each individual service. Kurtis loves a good spreadsheet so make sure you send him plenty to keep him busy!