Meet The Team

Guy Giles cc2i
Guy Giles

Guy’s been knocking around digital & government for over 15 years after leaving a career in management consultancy. Having done his time at the Cabinet Office he moved on to lead LookingLocal at Kirklees Council. He’s worked with over 150 local authorities, housing associations and health organisations during this time and has a forensic knowledge of what makes them tick from a digital perspective. He’s also pretty frustrated – which may be linked to the previous sentence! CC2i came out of a sense that there must be another approach to fostering professional levels of collaboration between organisations that are fundamentally trying to do the same thing across the country. When he’s not being a desk jockey he’s become sadly addicted to lycra – the very essence of a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra).

Jane Hancer

Jane’s been working alongside Guy across digital government for the last 15 years; in fact a little longer if you count the time spent in the early dotcom days at an outfit that spearheaded public access to government data and services. With a previous career running picture desks at a number of leading photo agencies, Jane has a split focus on ‘process’ and ‘potential’ which offers an interesting mix of skills to both innovate and get things done to a deadline. Making access easier, interaction less arduous and leveraging the value of public information to inform, support and improve people’s lives is why she still loves doing it. And there’s so much still to do… it’s only getting more interesting.

Sam Hore

Sam focuses on new business development across our product range. With a career history in sales, Sam has dogged determination balanced with customer focus, etiquette and insight, meaning that his approach is both dignified and appropriate. With a deep product knowledge, he is able to showcase the solutions and products that evolve through CC2i’s co-fund and co-design process with clarity and consistency. Whether playing the long game (as is often needed in public sector) or reacting to time-sensitive customer demands, Sam is on the case.

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Account Manager
Lottie Horwood

Lottie is the Account Manager for CC2i, which means she is a key member of the business development team. As part of looking after our existing customers, Lottie oversees much of our solution deployment, ongoing customer engagement and satisfaction, manages the website and receives reams of paperwork and requests in relation to it all. Safe to say there are few dull moments and Lottie is always alert, on the ball and busy.

Business Development

Irene Zdziebko

Irene worked with both Guy and Jane for 4 years before spreading her wings into the world of welfare to work. Now we’re pleased to say that she’s back to work across the wide CC2i programme, with a special focus on our collaborative Adult Social Care projects. With a strong background in sales, Irene has now diversified her talents into campaign management and communications, with a bit of business development and management thrown in for good measure. Irene tells us that she likes to be kept busy, so we make sure that she is!

Anthony image - 2
Sales & Marketing System Administrator

Anthony Gunfield

Anthony focuses on the behind-the-scenes software used by CC2i, making full use of its capabilities and adapting where necessary to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the team. Coming from a mostly mathematical background, Anthony takes an analytical approach to his work and jumps at the chance to learn new methodologies and strategies – and it would be fair to say that if you want anything solved, he’s your go to man!