Introducing Fundamentals Pick and Mix!

CC2i is thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the CC2i Fundamentals suite: Fundamentals Pick and Mix. This new feature empowers you to create a bespoke learning experience by selecting from our set of 12 scenario-based modules. Choose three, six or the full set of modules with a range of topics covering phishing, passwords, offline security and device backup.

Our unique approach places you at the centre of the module – as a member of the Cyber Security Response Command, you are tasked with providing accurate guidance on various procedures you may encounter in your professional life. This includes creating secure passwords, identifying phishing emails, and effectively backing up data for redundancy. Instead of a one-size-fits-all outcome, different paths unfold based on the decisions you make, enhancing the realism of the experience.

Even when a wrong choice is made, these modules ensure that you learn from the outcome. By understanding the impact of your actions within a simulated environment, we aim to reinforce improved behaviour and decision-making. In the context of cyber security, this is vital – just one simple action such as clicking a suspicious link could lead to significant consequences and with human error continuing to be one of the leading causes of cyber events, our Cyber Command modules tackle this through an immersive, animated experience.

To facilitate this experience, we incorporate various image-based questions which users interact with in order to come to the right decision. Much like in real life, where you receive an email that doesn’t quite look right, our questions encourage you to look closely and spot any anomalies that point to malicious intent – such as a misspelt email address or URL. Additionally, our animated characters, representing diverse backgrounds, add a gamification element for heightened user engagement.

Cyber threats are continuing to evolve and with that, a sophisticated and diverse security training package should be a priority for all organisations. By combining standard tutorials with scenario based training, users benefit from a comprehensive learning experience where they can apply the skills acquired from the core modules to real-world scenarios. Fundamentals Pick and Mix offers the perfect opportunity for clients to have a say on what they want included in their cyber training – and with twelve great modules to choose from, that starts now!