Fundamentals Pick and Mix

Sweeten Your Cyber Security Skills with our Pick and Mix Modules


With our innovative pick and mix structure, you have the freedom and flexibility to curate your own educational experience, tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and interests.

By selecting from our extensive suite of 12 ‘Cyber Command’ scenario based modules, you gain access to a comprehensive range of topics, carefully designed to equip you and your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the constantly evolving cyber landscape. From passwords to phishing, staying safe offline and securing devices, our supplementary modules not only cover the essentials, but also offer an interactive gamification experience, where your choice decides the outcome of the video.

What sets our modules apart is precisely because of the specific approach we’ve taken – rather than a traditional path where users simply progress from A to B, different results are presented depending on the path you choose to take – both good and bad. In a cyber security context, this is especially crucial, where one click or one decision could change everything and our scenario based modules aim to replicate this in a controlled, ‘risk free’ environment. Using real world examples, such as suspicious emails and URLs, working in public spaces and disposing of information correctly, users will learn how to apply safe working practices to their daily routines, safe in the knowledge that these situations are entirely simulated.

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, investing in your digital resilience is paramount. Including Fundamentals Pick and Mix alongside the core tutorials will allow you to provide a more rounded and extensive learning experience where users are given the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned, ultimately demonstrating a commitment to staying ahead of threats, enhancing your workforce’s professional skills, and safeguarding your organisation from potential risks.

Cyber Command: Code Phishy

Playing the role of a Cyber Command agent – a cyber security expert, who helps people in various businesses across the globe – users tackle the topic of phishing once again, to further enhance their knowledge of phishing emails and how to avoid falling prey to an attack.

Cyber Command: Operation Engineer

By helping Ayaan, a new starter in a big company, beat the social engineers she encounters, users take their understanding of social engineering (and how to guard
against it) to the next level.

Cyber Command: Out of the Office and into the Frier

This tutorial helps learners apply their knowledge of behaviour outside the office by helping Connor make decisions in situations that the users may encounter in real-life.

Cyber Command: Insider Threat

An employee of a company seems to have encountered a series of potential Insider Threats. Learners not only refresh their knowledge of both unintentional and malicious Insider Threats, but also test their understanding in three different

Cyber Command: Passwords

Presented with a situation where an employee’s password may have been
compromised, users have to use their knowledge of passwords to help choose a new secure password and give tips on how to keep passwords confidential in the future.

Cyber Command: IRL

Theo the engineer asks for help with some problems he is experiencing concerning physical security at work. Users apply their understanding of keeping would-be attackers from getting physical access to important documents or areas to help Theo with his queries.

Cyber Command: Handle with Care

In this scenario, learners make decisions regarding the disposal of confidential data, customer consent and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability
of information.

Cyber Command: Of Device and Men

As Jenny makes a business trip, users help her to keep her information confidential by guiding her through the preparations for the trip, how to behave whilst travelling, and
what to do in the event of suspected tampering.

Cyber Command: Fiend Request

This time users must use their knowledge of how to be safe while using social media to help Kelly navigate her way through a potentially tricky situation and avoid falling prey to some of the dangers of posting online.

Cyber Command: Back It Up

Users are presented with a scenario in which they must choose the best method of backing up data, and how to behave at work when important data is involved.

Cyber Command: Safer Surfer

By guiding Rebecca through identifying a mysterious problem with her browser and a vital query regarding a replacement online supplier, users test their knowledge of web
browsers and online safety.

Cyber Command: Malware Attack

In the final tutorial of the course, users must recall their training on how malware can
be delivered to a device in order to thwart the plans of the ‘Web Bandits’. Precautions
such as MFA can help but users must also be on the alert for inconsistencies in emails
and downloads that are not all they seem.