Contact&Connect Presentation and Demonstration

Our Festival of Health and Social Care 2021 ran on the 1st October, and was a fantastic event with registration and attendance from over 250 people from over 75 local authorities and relevant health, care and technical partners. The day included thought provoking discussions from our councils involved in CC2i’s collaborations over the past 18 months and informative demonstrations and presentations from our technical partners.

We had a section of the morning dedicated to our Adult Social Care Innovation Focus, involving 20-minute slots where technical partners gave an overview of what they had developed and why – they then moved on to lunchtime demonstrations of the platforms.

Automated telephony has the ability to undertake 1000s of calls on a daily basis, which can help teams prioritise their resources and responses. We know ASC services are under stress – with or without a pandemic – there is simply not enough capacity in the system. Contact&Connect is actively addressing key areas where an automated approach can support real people to deliver better services. In a number of cases it is actually helping progress and improve the ongoing conversation. Contact&Connect can keep in touch with people around their Community Loan Equipment returns and changing needs. It can support people as they move off the reablement pathway and keep them from representing at their GP or A&E. It can also support 90 day (ASCOF 2b) and very soon – Pathway 0-  reporting.

Jane Hancer, Campaigns Director at CC2i spent some time talking us through the Contact&Connect, what it is, where it came from and the benefits it brings. You can watch this presentation here and if you have any issues playing the video below, please click here.

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During our working lunch session, Sam Hore, New Business Development at CC2i ran through a working demonstration of the Contact&Connect product, detailing how each element works. You can rewatch this demonstration here and if you have any issues playing the video, please click here.

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