Monitoring, Supporting & Building Service User Confidence post Reablement Webinar Round Up (September 2023)

Contact&Connect: Reablement is an automated telephony service which keeps in contact with people as they come off the reablement pathway. Whether their care package has been 10 days or 10 weeks, the calls offer an effective way to monitor people as they move into life without carers or with less support.

Statistics show that around 10% of people coming off the Reablement pathway will represent at their GP or A&E within six weeks. Contact&Connect: Reablement has been co-designed with councils to identify these people and offer early support. In some cases, a lack of confidence can mean they feel unsafe or incapable at home, but in other instances it can be a series of combined events that lead to issues or crisis. By automating contact, we can monitor and report on all those people who are managing well, and identify those people who are struggling. 

In our recent webinar we were able to showcase the value of the automated approach in terms of keeping in touch with people as they take those first tentative steps off the supported Reablement pathway. The calls are straightforward, two minutes long, ask four simple questions and give people the feeling of still being ‘in the system’. The calls and response data provide an ongoing view of a person over those three critical post care months, tracking how well they are managing living independently at home.

The real value is in the detailed data the system collects. We are able to dig deep into the data and show the value of the calls from a variety of angles; what the main challenges are, how many issues people are experiencing, whether people struggle more if their care package was longer and – most interestingly – when in the post Reablement period people are most at risk.

We are also able to drill down into specific individuals and track their progress post Reablement. Below is a real case where the calls identified to the ASC team when ‘Marge’ was struggling, and where well timed calls helped her get back on her feet. 

The data shows a lot about how people progress through Reablement, and without doubt allows ASC to offer light support – often a well timed 5 minute call – and keep people safe, well and living independently, comforted by the knowledge that they are seen and heard by the automated system. 

To find out more, dig deeper into the details and discuss the benefits from a financial, person and service perspective, please get in touch