Is your cyber training provision meeting your needs?

Last week we celebrated International Computer Security Day, and it presented a worthwhile opportunity to consider whether your current training provision helps your staff adequately deal with the threats of the digital world – as local authorities and the public sector continue to be at the forefront of cyber resilience.

Whilst the Local Digital team in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities continue important work with councils and other organisations to build better frameworks, they also state the importance of starting conversations with colleagues on how robust your systems and procedures are in relation to cyber security, including training.

The National Cyber Security Centre’s recent 2021 annual review shows that it’s still as important as ever, illustrated by the 777 active attacks – an increase from 723 last year. As we continue to adjust to life with Covid-19 and the limits it has had on our work, we need to consider the new challenges that this has presented in relation to cyber security and ensure that our practices have adjusted accordingly.

As well as using reliable systems that are in line with NCSC guidance, organisations should also have in place comprehensive cyber training which outlines how staff can be an active and reliable line of defence in protecting these systems. CC2i Fundamentals emphasises the importance of this, such as the use of long and strong passwords, looking out for the key characteristics of a phishing email and staying cyber safe outside of the office. Just one click on a malicious link or having a weak password could be all it takes for an incident to occur.

Moreover, CC2i Fundamentals acts as a behaviour change platform, encouraging staff to change their thinking to potential cyber threats and to proactively respond to unfolding incidents – illustrated by the scenario based modules that are integrated with the core modules, which allow the user to decide the outcome of the module. 

Much like in real life, specific choices that you make have consequences and in the context of cyber security, this can be significant. Stopping and questioning something that just doesn’t look right could make all the difference.

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