Introducing our brand new Fundamentals Insight Report!

When it comes to monitoring cyber training progress, assessing staff engagement and understanding metrics should not just focus on the ‘best bits’. All elements of learning – the good, the bad and the ugly – should be captured, to ensure your organisational and data security.

As a cyber training suite and behaviour change platform, CC2i Fundamentals offers partners a wide range of metrics, and we have now used these to develop a new insight report. This quarterly report goes into great depth as to the cyber awareness of your colleagues and is designed to positively enhance partner cyber security strategies. 

With Fundamentals’ modules being sent out to over 30,000 users every year, it’s imperative that the overall training suite – and the individual components – are continuously monitored, reviewed and adapted. Not only does this drive our partner’s continued organisational and operational success, it ensures compliance and awareness in the ever evolving cyber landscape.

The new Fundamentals Insight Report offers detailed evidence in the following areas (and more): 

  • Module completion overview – how many of your staff have completed the training and who still needs to engage;
  • Module scores – how well your staff understand the cyber threats your organisation faces and where additional work may be needed;
  • Improvement between module attempts (learning per module) – how the Fundamentals’ approach is helping colleagues to improve and embed their cyber awareness knowledge; 
  • Module completion over time – the overall completion rate of the training course over a 12 month period
  • Increased module awareness – which areas are the trickiest and where learning is really working or needs support;
  • Suggested guidance to increase module engagement – how we think you can help your organisation, teams and colleagues increase their cyber awareness.

With this insight, clients can identify not just headline completion and scores, but also the finer details, pinpointing patterns, trends, issues and areas for improvement. The report saves hours of data analysis and presents detailed feedback on an organisation’s workforce. It graphically represents cyber awareness levels across the board, useful for IT teams, workforce development, senior management reporting and wider awareness.

By collating staff metrics into the format of an insight report – as opposed to raw data in a spreadsheet – we are able to bring this quantitative data to life. Cyber security training is, and continues to be, just one of many priorities for local government and the wider public sector. Both Fundamentals and our insight report approach aim to play a small – but critical – part in regards to cyber training, personal awareness and data security. To find out more about CC2i Fundamentals, please visit our webpage using the button below.