Introducing a new feature to CC2i Fundamentals!

Now rolled out to all our customers, CC2i Fundamentals is pleased to announce our new ‘reports manager’ user role within the hosted version of our cyber training suite, which allows a nominated individual to review detailed staff metrics and download user friendly reports that cover all data activity. The new user role includes the following features:

  • Full access to individual staff metrics – including the number of module attempts, the dates at which the modules were attempted and the average score for each module.
  • The ability to filter staff metrics – from first attempt to most recent attempt.
  • Full access to department/group metrics – including the overall average score for the whole group and an ‘up to date’ percentage (which tells you whether all users in said department are up to date with the modules assigned to them.)
  • The ability to export/download reports straight from the system.
  • Full access to specific module metrics which can be accessed under our ‘courses’ button – the nominated individual will be able to see the average score achieved across each module, the completion rate, ‘perfect answers’ statistics and more.

In essence, this feature allows the manager the ability to assess individual staff completion, completion across different departments and those who may need to improve on their cyber security knowledge. Added to this, the user also has the option of taking a more in depth look at the data for each Fundamentals module, where they can identify the strongest questions and answers and find out exactly how many users answered a question correctly.

By having access to this extra layer of data, organisations can better understand the areas where staff are performing best and, if needed, tailor how they roll out Fundamentals for maximum impact. 

reports manager screenshot

For more information on this new role and the wider training suite, get in touch using the button below.