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An automated telephony platform, helping authorities to keep in touch with service users or drive service efficiences. Contact & Connect can help authorities in a variety of areas.

Contact & Connect

Post Reablement Contact

At the point at which service users are signed off as ‘aim achieved’ and their reablement package is removed, evidence shows an increased attendance at GP surgeries and A&E. Contact & Connect will call fortnightly and act as a post-reablement ‘safety belt’ to support service users as they regain their independence. Critically where people identify issues, these can swiftly be addressed with the aim of reducing hospital readmission and the cycle back into reablement.

Contact&Connect automated telephony service
Contact & Connect

Community Loan Recall

Around 50% of all equipment loaned to support reablement or rehabilitation is not returned, at a significant cost to the council as well as environmental implications. Contact and Connect will keep in touch with service users on a quarterly basis and when they feel their equipment can be returned – or it needs replacing – the system will flag a follow-on action to the relevant team. 

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Contact & Connect

90 day reporting

All councils have to complete the 90 day reporting as part of NHS Digital’s Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, as to where people are 90 days after their hospital discharge – specifically known as the ASCOF 2b measure. This reporting can be a very time intensive process due to the need to pull together and assess a number of different spreadsheets and/or data streams as well as the process of actually calling. Contact & Connect aims to simplify this process through automated phone calls and appropriate follow ups to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.

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Contact & Connect

Private Rental Inspections

Contact&Connect: PRI&E has been co-designed with the Housing Solutions team at Kirklees Council, to support them with their responsibilities under the Housing Act 2004 and the Housing and Planning Act 2016. The automated telephony service is being used to keep in touch with tenants who have raised complaints; to ensure landlords are addressing reported issues within their properties; to diarise inspections; and support case closure. With around 1,000 open cases the Housing Solutions team spends a significant amount of time on the phone trying to contact both tenants and landlords, now Contact &Connect: PRI&E enables them to prioritise cases, spend more time on inspections and better support tenants and landlords.