CC2i Fundamentals and Scenario based modules

Cyber security week is here, and it’s a good time to reflect on what you currently have in place. Over the years, training has had to consistently adapt in order to stay current, relevant and most importantly engaging. 

We’re seeing a shift away from the traditional structure of most training suites and are being encouraged to tackle cyber training differently. And what better way to do this than put a user into a situation where they control the outcome?

Where the typical approach has been to watch a video module and then answer a set of questions at the end, CC2i Fundamentals (developed in partnership with Hut Six) offers a different and refreshing method of learning, through an integration of scenario based modules with core tutorials.

What would a user do when they see that there is no clause that explicitly collects individual consent for marketing material? How would they go about disposing sensitive information which contains specific health conditions and relevant medical history? What is the process for saving organisational information on a USB drive?

The Fundamentals scenarios provide a unique learning process by reinforcing the impact of a user’s choice, which is significant in a cyber security context. Make the wrong decision and the consequences can be far reaching – make the right one however, and they ensure that they can continue to protect themselves and their organisation.

The sense of achievement when someone prevents a potentially dangerous situation from unfolding is both rewarding and valuable to staff learning and engagement. Every user should walk away from cyber training feeling that they’ve accomplished something and by completing a scenario module, it provides them with that.

Added to this, the bitesize approach that we’ve taken with the modules ensures that they can fit around the usual working day – we recognise that not everyone has an hour to spare to complete training but the occasional 10 minute tea break offers a suitable opportunity. A similar scenario to the one in the training could occur at any time – it’s important to be prepared but also to take a moment to pause, think carefully and then decide, which is what we encourage through our scenarios.

As the cyber landscape will inevitably change, it also offers scope for new scenarios to be developed further down the line – inspiring CC2i Fundamentals to stay ahead and constantly look for new ways to challenge users.

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