We talk psychology at our latest CC2i Fundamentals webinar

On 23rd May CC2i and Hut Six, creators of the CC2i Fundamentals training suite, hosted a webinar on ‘Best Behaviour: The Psychology of Cyber Security Training’, which focused on various behavioural change methods used by public serving organisations and the variety of features available as part of the Fundamentals suite. The session was attended by over 30 councils and other public sector organisations, and featured presentations from Patrick Bousfield, Digital Learning Designer at Hut Six and Lottie Horwood, Account Manager at CC2i.

Guy Giles, CEO of CC2i and host with the most, commenced the webinar with a brief overview of our organisation highlighting our previous work in the cyber security domain and our subsequent partnership with Hut Six while also explaining how this collaboration came to fruition.

Patrick then provided attendees with insight on various methods which have been deployed to encourage behavioural change – topics covered included social proof, compliance without pressure, commitments, framing and windows of opportunity – all backed up with compelling case studies that brought it to life. Notable examples on instigating attitude changes included Public Health England’s campaign to reduce antibiotic prescriptions, Facebook’s efforts to promote safer security practices, and the hospital campaigns focused on improving hand hygiene.

The second half of the webinar then saw Lottie take attendees through the key features of the CC2i Fundamentals product and its dual capacity as a behaviour change platform and a comprehensive security training suite. As well as outlining the modules currently available, also discussed were our customisable options (including colour schemes and specific email placeholders), the module release schedule, the diverse Q&A, and our scenario based modules which encourage users to think about the impact of their decision – especially important in a cyber security context, where the choice you make could change everything.

The session received overwhelmingly positive feedback, leaving attendees with food for thought on applying these behavioural methods to enhance their own cyber security practices.

You can watch the full session below and to request a copy of the slides, please get in touch.

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