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The Headline

Co-designed, public sector focused training covering information sharing, handling, processing and more, building on the successful cyber/GDPR awareness training & eLearning ‘Dojo’.


The Proposal

The Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR framework governs the way that public sector bodies share, process and handle data, and as such it is critical to ensure all staff fully understand the requirements.

Whilst many will have had initial training when the regulations came into force, there is still some way to go instil confidence at all levels around information governance.


By working with information governance experts from across a range of public sector bodies, we intend to build on the original Dojo collaboration - which focused on cyber awareness and GDPR readiness - and produce public sector focused information governance training.


Headline business case

We are all aware that fines that can be imposed by the Information Commissioner's Office in the event of a data breach. Alongside the financial penalties are issues of reputation, as well as personal and public risk.

Risks aside, there are many benefits to be gained from improved information sharing practices and and as such these need to be explained and encouraged to make the most of the new framework.

Public sector bodies hold huge amounts of personal data, including significant amounts on vulnerable people within our communities. Growing public trust in public bodies across the board is a challenge, and ensuring the security of their data - particularly in the wake of the Facebook data scandal -  is critical to this.

Clarity and compliance around information management, processing and sharing will - if done correctly - lead to improved public services and business efficiencies. But it is recognised that how, when and with whom to share data, what processing and analysis can be done, as well as new rules around consent management, are all areas that require deeper and more widespread understanding.



In 2017, 10 councils co-funded and co-designed Dojo, a 12-module, animated video-based training and SCORM compliant eLearning package, based on original material commissioned by the BBC.


This collaboration saw the 10 councils work with Matobo - BAFTA winning film makers - to make a highly relevant and accessible product. To date over 65 councils have subscribed to Dojo, and it is already being used by over 270k+ public sector staff.

Key for many who subsequently commissioned the series is that the training and eLearning was informed by councils from the start and that having a sector 
specific product resonates more acutely with staff. Following the success of Dojo: Local Government, a collaboration of four leading housing associations co-designed Dojo: Housing, and there are also versions focused on central government, health, education and business.


This new collaboration around Information Governance was prioritised in a workshop where we brought together seven councils from across the UK; some who were original Dojo co-founders, others who have subscribed to the training as well as others who were just keen on the idea and approach.

At this workshop all recognised the need for better training around information sharing post the GDPR implementation date. Not only because IG teams are universally handling a huge increase in calls relating to the new information sharing protocols, but also to ensure colleagues at all levels recognise that compliance in terms of information governance and data handling is everybody’s responsibility - and if done right - brings universal benefits.

Project Description

Matobo will script, design and produce a set of animated training modules with specific learning outcomes. SCORM compliant eLearning will be co-designed with public sector partners and Matobo’s education experts, to ensure the training is reinforced and measured using a blended learning approach.


Areas that will be covered:


Working lawfully - What are the lawful bases for processing data?
Special Categories of Data 
Steps to take to write a Privacy Notice
Increasing confidence in Information Sharing
The Life Cycle of Data (Data Hygiene)
Good Governance and Information Risks/Near Misses/What to do when things nearly go wrong!


What we need from co-funders

We are looking for 10 public sector organisations to co-fund this development at £7,000 each.


There will be an initial one-day workshop where we will bring Information Governance/Heads of IT/GDPR/HR-OD experts together to feed into scripts and tease out the learning outcomes. Draft scripts will be shared with all partners prior to workshop to ensure maximum use of time on the day.


Co-funders will have access to these six modules for no further cost on an ongoing basis.


Organisation Profile

Matobo is a Sheffield based film production company with educational learning experts working alongside animators, script writers, camera crews and editing staff.

Commissioned by the BBC to deliver their mandatory GDPR & cyber training, Matobo has also produced a range of award-winning documentaries. You can see more on Matobo here.

The success of the council led collaboration has led to Dojo being translated into Welsh, a business version created, a housing version and NHS Wales rolling Dojo out across all staff.



Six months from project kick off


Target Audiences

Heads of Information Governance
GDPR leads
Caldecott Guardians
Heads of IT


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