Councillor specific Cyber & Data Protection online awareness training and e-Learning


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The Proposal

This proposal seeks to create accessible Councillor specific animated video modules and associated e-Learning, tackling key elements of both cyber security and data protection legislation. Led by experienced film-makers in this domain, the co-design approach to the training will ensure its relevance to all types of council and Councillor.


These modules will be designed to be seen as part of the local government specific Dojo: Cyber awareness training, which was co-funded and co-designed by 10 councils and is now used by many more.



In the recent LGA Cyber Stocktake, training was assessed as ‘red’ in around 70% of council responses. Training is now the number one priority in terms of improving cyber defence within local government, and there is a particular need around councillor awareness.


Councillors are subject to an especially complicated set of legal obligations in relation to data protection and cyber security. They are part of the council when they are doing council work; when they're representing constituents they are their own data controller; and when they're campaigning, their political party is the data controller.


Standard training does not provide the required clarity and guidance for working within this complex framework, so targeted, accessible training is required. This proposed training - to be co-designed by data protection experts and Councillors themselves - will form part of each council’s wider training programme aimed at upskilling all staff.


What the training will cover

  • Understanding the separation of Councillor roles (council, political and constituent-focused) and the importance of role separation in terms of Data Protection as well as email / communication protocol;
  • Councillor specific GDPR and Data Protection challenges; when they are a data controller and when they are a processor, what each role entails, issues of volunteers/staff handling the data and the impact/cost of getting it wrong;
  • Best practice around information governance, storage and sharing;
  • Best practice use of email, social media and other communication channels;
  • Their role in keeping their council cyber resilient and cyber secure, including asking the right questions of officers in the right forum;
  • Knowing what to do in the event of an attack/breach/issue;
  • Highlighting cyber risks particularly around elections, including mis-information;
  • Encouraging councillors - through improved understanding - to promote cyber awareness and resilience with community partners, constituents and via the varied local networks they engage with.
  • The series will act as a tool to promote the importance of cyber security and data protection for Councillors, will include subtitles, be accompanied by SCORM compliant eLearning and will be suitable for use either in a group or individual setting.

The councillor specific modules will be designed using the same approach as the Dojo: Local Government modules and will be viewed as part of this wider course. This will ensure councillors are up to speed with all cyber issues (phishing techniques, scams, passwords, portable devices and much more), and as such are on a level playing field with officers, whilst benefiting from additional content specifically designed for their various roles.


Project Description

In an effort to address this training priority, a number of councils have already identified the key areas and issues facing elected members, and produced a first draft of Councillor specific scripts.


During this process expertise and input was brought in from DPOs, Information Lawyers, Democratic Services and Councillors themselves, these scripts can be shared under NDA on request.


Work to complete as part of this co-funded collaboration project:


  • Scripting work via both a workshop and remote collaboration;
  • Research;
  • Video production including animation, voice over, sound design and mastering;
  • SCORM compliant eLearning development;
  • Deployment.

Once delivered the modules will be fully maintained over the long term by Matobo and made available to the local government community via CC2i.


What are we asking for?

8 Local Authorities (mix of County/Unitary/District)


£8,000 per Local Authority


We know to produce the training will cost in the region of £64,000 and we are actively seeking eight councils to help co-design the training to ensure it meets Councillor needs.


We are proposing a rebate scheme through which you would recover the initial investment of £8000 - please call us so we can explain how this would work.


What will be common to all co-funders is the need for a DPO or Information Governance Manager plus a Councillor from each co-funding council to participate in the co-design workshop (one day offsite) and subsequent virtual sign off.



4-6 months from beginning


Organisation Profile

Matobo is a Sheffield based film production company with educational learning experts working alongside animators, script writers, camera crews and editing staff.


Matobo has produced a range of award-winning documentaries and was commissioned by the BBC to deliver their mandatory GDPR & cyber training in 2017.


The success of the council led Dojo collaboration has seen over 20 cyber, InfoGov and GDPR modules being co-designed and created by Matobo. Dojo is used by over 300,000 public sector staff and 80 public sector organisations and has been translated into Welsh and adapted for business, housing and health.


You can see more on Matobo here.


Target Audiences


Democratic Services



Cyber security


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