LGC Awards Judging 2021

LGC Awards image 2

Yesterday (Thursday 24th September), Marian Davison from North Lincolnshire Council and Guy Giles from CC2i attended the LGC Awards 2021 to present the project that brought Hospital to Home to life.

It was great to present to the CEO’s of Bucks County, Bolton and LB Greenwich along with the Health and Social Care category partner Attenti Consulting.

The presentation focused on why this project is so important, talking about: 

  • True collaboration and a commitment to the co-design approach
  • End user driven development that tackles the heart of the problem – designed by health and social care subject matter experts for health and social care professionals
  • H2H unlocks vital efficiency savings, organisational benefits and most importantly, improves the provision of care for real people
  • The H2H future roadmap of innovation and an extension into Intermediate Care
  • Increased collaboration across the health and social care system – a timely and vital approach within the current political landscape
  • Interoperability – North Lincs integration with electronic patient record WebV – the first of many future interoperability opportunities

It has been a great experience to be a shortlisted finalist for the LGC Awards 2021 and to showcase this fantastic project. 

The winners will be announced 4th November – fingers crossed!