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Product Synopsis

GDPR and cyber awareness training for all council staff developed by BAFTA award-winning filmmakers in collaboration with 10 local authorities. Based on original GDPR and cyber training commissioned by the BBC; now a mandatory course for all BBC staff.

Introducing Dojo

GDPR and cyber security is a priority for all local authorities, especially with the impending impact of GDPR in May 2018. In addition to the range of software and systems that councils deploy to stop threats, a key element in the fight against the growing and changing threat of cyber crime is staff awareness, both keeping them supported and up-to-date.


Working closely with Heads of IT, Information Security and Information Governance experts from collaborating councils, Dojo has been designed to specifically focus on local authority staffs' understanding of GDPR along with the cyber challenges they face and public sector cyber threat protocols.



Taster Video

The short taster below gives you an overview of the style, quality and tone of the video based training and shows excerpts from a number of different modules. 




Dojo delivers over 35 minutes of high quality animated video across 12 modules. Each video lasts 3-5 minutes and the pedigree of animation, as well as clarity of messaging, means that staff are engaged without being overwhelmed. The modules are clear on the range of threats, how they manifest themselves and - critically - how to mitigate them.

Dojo Modules


  • GDPR -  What is Personal Data
  • GDPR -  How to Handle Personal Data
  • Understanding the Threat - Our Personal Responsibilities
  • Phishing
  • Password Management
  • Social Media
  • File Sharing
  • Scams
  • Portable Devices
  • Offline Security
  • Secure Use of the Internet
  • When to Seek Advice


Dojo is available to local authorities at £1 per headcount (figures based on the ONS Quarterly Public Sector Employment Survey) on an annual basis, with a three year term. A Dojo license gives your authority access to the video modules. Modules listed overleaf and covered by the license will be kept up-to-date in terms of cyber messages and local authority security protocols.





Collaborating Councils


Dojo Screenshots


How to buy Dojo

The public sector co-funding and collaboration platform CC2i, brought the participating local authorities and filmmakers together to deliver this unique public sector focused product.


Dojo is now available to all local authorities in the UK exclusively from CC2i.

It is expected to be delivered in December.


Please email: dojo@cc2i.org.uk for more details.


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