Step 1: Challenge. It starts with a challenge or an idea for a digital product


To start with you may have a challenge of some sort that you need to unpick. In most cases you are likely to be a public sector organisation who are looking to commission some analysis for a key part of the business - looking at how digital may have a part to play in any service re-design or transformation project. You know the challenges you face, and the questions you need to ask are likely to be mirrored by colleagues in other organisations within your sector. This is likely to be a perfect candidate for co-funding. Better still, by working with other organisations you get more heads around the table, more grey matter to look at the challenge from angles that you might not have considered. So why not share the costs for this work and get a better outcome for a fraction of the cost?


Maybe you already understand the challenge and have an innovative idea around a digital product that would address it. You might be an existing digital business or a member of a public sector digital team. Either way, you can pitch your idea here on CC2i, get it shared with the right people from public sector organisations across the UK, and ultimately get it co-funded. The first step is to share that idea with CC2i. We will put an NDA in place to ensure your ideas are protected and then we can help you shape your pitch and ensure that the right people across the UK see it. We've been doing that for over 12 years now and can really help in that respect. You're now ready for the next step.


Step 2: Co-Fund. Get your idea Co-funded


Working with the CC2i team, you now have your pitch written. We then publish that pitch on CC2i and contact all public organisations (and more importantly, the right people within those organisations) to encourage them to pledge funds to contribute to it. We help ensure the right parts of the press/media are also engaged, giving your idea the greatest possible chance of success. We would encourage you to run a 'Pledgers Workshop' where those interested in co-funding the project can meet you, ask questions and ultimately help them to confirm their commitment. We'll support you throughout this stage of the process for which a £500 listing fee and 10% of the total funds raised would be our fee. Once the commitments are made, you're ready to start the project.


You can see the first pitches looking for co-funding through CC2i here.

Step 3: Collaborate. Work together to deliver the project


Once you hit your funding target through pledges from public sector organisations, the real work starts but our support remains. The pitch is now a project which will proceed with real commitment and involvement from those funding the product - helping ensure that it really meets the needs of its target audience. If you require help to deliver the project itself, whether that is analysis, development or project management let us know. We can provide resource to help in all of these areas and can discuss costs for providing this resource if required.


Step 4: Innovate. Time to scale up....


Once it is delivered to the organisations that pledged the funding at the outset, we can help support you (if that help is needed) in selling that product to many more public sector organisations that would benefit from it. This in turn helps ensure the product is sustainable for the long term. The public sector needs digital innovation to thrive, so the long-term sustainability of the products that are produced through CC2i is incredibly important to us. A digital product that is not constantly improving will not survive long term. That is no use to public organisations that need to be able to rely on nimble, responsive, well designed and secure digital services.


All products generated through CC2i will be actively promoted on the site and we will help/support the organisations that own them to ensure they make best use of procurement frameworks like G-Cloud to the best effect.