What does it cost?


The costs for using CC2i are simple and transparent. It goes like this:


£500 listing fee

10% of the funds raised through the platform for any given project.


That's it. Nothing hidden. No complex formulas.


The listing fee covers the time and effort to help support you in formulating your pitch, agreeing a timetable for communications, drafting all of those and reviewing/agreeing the target audiences that we will aim to reach out to.


This fee is only payable once you are happy that the pitch is ready to go live.


Then, for example, if we manage to raise £25,000 for your project- a fee of £2,500 + VAT is due from the organisation receiving the funds. This would be due a month after the project has started. Most pitches will build those costs into their overall costings for the project. 


We can provide additional support around analysis, development and project management if it's needed. We can also support broader scaling up, sales and marketing efforts. All of this can be provided on a consultancy basis but is not needed to make your ideas come to life on CC2i. Drop us a line if you want to talk about these additional services.


Read more about the overall process here.


What do you get for the money?


Our aim at CC2i is to add value at every stage of the process.


  • We know a thing or two about coming up with digital ideas and getting them funded. We'll help, where you want that help, to articulate your idea and give it the best possible chance of success.
  • Your challenge or product pitch needs pledges of support from relevant organisations. We've been working with local authorities, housing associations and CCG's for the last 15 years and will target the right people with your idea via direct email, social media, press and other networks/contacts that we have developed. We have an extensive database and will use that carefully to ensure success.
  • We will help you setup your 'pledgers workshop', helping you translate the interest in your challenge or product into firm commitment.
  • We will stay in close touch throughout the project to ensure broader progress and outcomes are fed back to the CC2i community.