Hospital to Home August Recap

August has been a month of planning and exploring! Along with planning for what we hope will be a busy Autumn we have been exploring we can further support those organisations involved in Discharge to Assess (D2A). This has taken various forms and below we are delighted to share the key headlines!  

News and Blogs

We have expanded the website to include a News page. The news page is your go to place for all the latest from Hospital to Home and it has been great to develop a platform that allows us to communicate with our customers, both current and prospective. We will periodically add to the News page with updates and blog posts, and look out for upcoming updates on Intermediate Care (IC) and Interoperability in September!  

People and Process

Another area of the website that has been developed is our People and Process section. Here you can find all of the information you need on the analysis we can do with your organisation to help you understand where you are right now with your D2A and IC processes, and importantly, where you want to get to. This is an offer completely separate to the Hospital to Home product and all outputs from the work would be yours to help inform future decision making. 

Upcoming Awards and Events

Also this month we have been planning for some upcoming events which we are excited to be a part of. The first is the presentation we will be making for the LGC Awards 2021. North Lincolnshire Council with CC2i are the named finalists in the Health and Social Care category and we are looking forward to presenting the project to the judging panel in September.  

The second event is taking place on Friday 1st October and is CC2i’s Festival of Health and Social Care 2021.We will be there to talk about D2A and H2H and it will be fantastic to see so many people from across Health and Social Care at the event. If you haven’t yet signed up to attend you can do so here.

H2H Development

This month we have been looking at what functionality we want to deliver to our customers next and this has been focused around three areas: InteroperabilityIntermediate Care and Reporting. To find about more about both Interoperability and IC, just follow the links.


Out of the box, Hospital to Home has an excellent reporting catalogue which has been informed by the co-fund partners through the development phase. We are now looking to take this to the next level by giving administrators the ability to build their own reports alongside the existing catalogue. As we progress with this works we will provide further updates and we know this will be a very useful tool for organisations to get the information they need from H2H.