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Dojo: Cyber

Dojo: Cyber is a public sector focused cyber awareness and GDPR eLearning solution, co-funded and co-designed by ten public sector organisations and developed in collaboration with BAFTA award winning film-makers, Matobo. The series is based on original cyber & GDPR training commissioned by the BBC, now a mandatory course for all BBC staff.

Critically this is the only cyber awareness training that has been co-designed by the sector, and as such Dojo: Cyber accurately reflects relevant protocols and procedures which underpin public sector cyber security.

Now rolled out to over 420,000 staff across 120+ public sector organisations, Dojo: Cyber has proven impact in terms of significantly reducing engagement with phishing attacks and increasing staff awareness.



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There are five versions of Dojo: Cyber each focused on a different part of the public sector.

  • Dojo: Local Government
  • Dojo: Housing
  • Dojo: Central Government
  • Dojo: Health
  • Dojo: Schools & Colleges

Each delivers 60 minutes of high quality animated video and associated e-Learning, which includes key learning points and interactive Q&As. The series has 12 highly accessible modules and can be undertaken as one training course or in parts.

Each video lasts 3-5 minutes and the pedigree of animation, as well as clarity of messaging, means that staff are engaged without being overwhelmed. The modules are clear on the range of threats, how they manifest and – critically – how to mitigate them.

Modules cover:

  • Cyber Security & GDPR Matters
  • What Is Personal Data?
  • Handling Personal Data
  • Passwords
  • Scams
  • Social Media
  • Internet Security
  • Online Services & File Sharing
  • Email Accounts
  • Portable Devices & Apps
  • Offline Security
  • We’re Here To Help

Dojo: Cyber is available as an externally hosted service or delivered via SCORM on your own Learning Management System (LMS), which enables tracking of training completion which is essential for audit purposes. Videos come with subtitles and is fully accessible. A Welsh version is available on request.

The Dojo: Cyber series continues to be steered and supported by a collective of public sector bodies who have signed up alongside the original co-funders. The training is maintained and undergoes regular reviews and updates to ensure it reflects the evolving cyber landscape.