The Headline


Diddo software protects users from cyber security threats using a simple application toolbox.


The Proposal


Diddo is a cyber security software solution which enables end users to protect themselves online more easily; whether this is your staff, a mobile workforce or your customers. The software allows internet users with varying levels of IT knowledge and experience to be able to control social media, password and browser security, as well as online profiles. With increasing numbers of mobile workers, local authorities need to pro-actively address the cyber security of mobile devices – as well as PCs on desks -  in terms of data breaches and cyber threats. The Diddo software does this in a simple but secure way, and where issues do arise – and they will as the cyber threat evolves -, it provides comprehensive details on compromises. 


Headline Business Case


In 2017, cyber security will affect everyone in some shape or form. Public sector organisations are one of the most targeted due to the amount of data they hold and the systems they run. Diddo is a software toolbox which allows users to automatically configure the key areas of their online life to enable increased protection from and monitoring of these threats.  


Originally seed-funded by the Scottish Government to specifically focus on cyber threats in public sector, Diddo has developed a product to pro-actively manage the security settings in a user-friendly way. Irrespective of IT literacy and understanding of the multiple security settings within the actual device, cloud-based solutions and/or social media, users can utilise the functionality of Diddo to automatically manage the often tedious and time-consuming technical tasks to ensure protection. 


As mobile working, BYOD and the need to share data more widely for improved service delivery increases, cyber threats will evolve and become more prevalent. Being able to define levels of security on individual devices will be critical to ensure new mobile and digital working practices deliver what they are capable of.  


Diddo is seeking to work with local authorities to provide users with instant protection and help educate the mobile workforce about cyber threats. This collaboration will enable the further development of the Diddo product to specifically meet local authority needs, whilst keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape.  



Product Description



Cyber Threat protection software solution for... 

  • Social Media Security 
  • Browser setting/configuration 
  • Password educator 
  • Real time analysis function 
  • Online profile checker 

What are we asking for?


We are looking to work with between 3-8 local authorities keen to deliver a cyber threat resilience programme for mobile workers. Whether you have a mobile adult social care team, a  building maintenance team or any other mobile workforce, their devices – and your data - needs to be protected.


By working with a group of local authorities we can better understand data management, data flow, back-end system security levels, device protocols and ensure that the Diddo product manages each partner's cyber threat accordingly.  


In addition to analysing the technical integration and local security protocols, understanding how devices are managed, how mobile workers are introduced to device management in general and security in particular, will enable us to co-develop an employee-focused introduction and awareness programme to mobile working. We see this awareness programme as having significant benefits to each local authority partner, as well as the wider public sector.  


By collaborating partners will learn from experts and peers as to how best to deliver cyber security for their mobile workers. Each authority will be able to run the Diddo solution across up to 1,000 devices, and will benefit from a training programme for mobile workers.  


Diddo is a standalone software solution which will initially be deployed as a single version. Updates will occur with the local authority as the software is developed and rolled out.  


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What is New & Innovative?


The Diddo team background is a rare thing to find, combine this with a leading software solution is what gives Diddo the innovative edge. We are keen to break down barriers to enable increased cyber protection inside organisations. In order to do that we are willing to integrate the software into existing systems. Whether the software was stand alone or integrated it would allow users to understand what technical solutions are key to the success whilst being protected. Diddo tells the users why technical controls are in place and uses examples to describe how this could affect them if no controls were present. 




Diddo is a new company which currently has three directors who have a wealth of experience in intelligence, security and software engineering. We have used our knowledge and experience to simplify the complicated. Diddo won a place on the CivTech accelerator programme (funded by the Scottish Government) in Sept 16. This accelerator completed on the 11th Jan 17 when the Diddo product was launched


Diddo is a partnership of Ex-Government Counter Intelligence and Security practitioners with significant government and security experience.




Diddo is already at minimum viable product (MVP) stage. There will be a period of scoping, collaborating, consulting, collecting user feedback and the batch testing before launch. Collaboration directly with our clients is extremely important to us, we see this relationship as a continuing and evolving one which will help clients get the most out of the training and the product and will also aid the development life cycle. We plan to roll the product out on approx. Autumn 2017 for operational use. 


Related Projects/ Work of Note


Diddo was created in response the Scottish Government led CivTech challenge – a programme designed to inspire innovation within the public sector. Diddo won the cyber security wildcard challenge which included £15,000 grant funding, access to an office in Codebase, and inclusion on a three-month accelerator. The accelerator finished on 11th Jan 17, which also marked the launch of Diddo as a company, Diddo office will remain in Codebase for the foreseeable future. 


Diddo has also entered Scottish Edge which will allow for another round of grand funding to support the needs of the business. Diddo has won a place on EIE17, which will allow for another round of funding which will be used to scale the company.