So what do we mean by Co-fund?


Many of us will be familiar with the idea of crowdfunding. People pledge their money to help launch a new business, help an artist record their new album, raise money for charity, get access to a new product etc. Crowdfunding has established itself as a mainstream alternative for raising money from the 'masses' for all kinds of initiatives. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Funding Circle to name but a few.


The difference here is that it is public organisations, not people, who are pledging funds. By 'clubbing together' they might see a specific digital product developed for their local needs at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. Or they might collaborate on a piece of research and analysis to help them make better decisions about future digital projects or products. Either way, they benefit from reduced costs, but also the involvement of their peers across the sector in its development.


This is more than safety in numbers, it will see better outcomes for citizens and public organisations alike. Check out the first pitches on CC2i to get a feel for how this all works.


We all are asked to unravel a wide variety of business challenges in our day jobs. Digital is often touted as being an answer to many of these, but imagine the 'power of many' being brought to bear here. Imagine working collaboratively with colleagues across the sector to understand what sits at the heart of the challenge.


Before wading into the business of considering either a digital solution 'off the peg' or indeed developing something new, the importance of understanding the problem can't be overstated. By bringing like-minded colleagues from across the sector to the table, our ability to unpick it and determine the best course of action is likely to lead to better outcomes for all involved. Better still, we can share the costs for doing so.


Whether you are working in local government, housing or health - the chances are that the challenge you're addressing is one that others are considering too. CC2i provides a place for you to share that challenge and find others who are tackling something similar within their own organisation. Crucially, CC2i goes beyond just sharing the challenge and the work that you might be thinking of doing to address it. It provides the platform to enable you to co-fund the research and analysis needed. By taking a seat at the table, all involved can help shape and steer the questions that need to be asked along with the breadth and depth of the analysis required.


Have you got a challenge that you would like to collaborate on? Click here to get the ball rolling.