CC2i makes the Digital Leaders Top 100!

CC2i is really pleased  to have been nominated as one of the Digital Leaders 100, 2021. We have been shortlisted in the Digital SMEs of the Year alongside nine other leading digital outfits. 

After five years of co-funding and collaborating on projects with 70+ local authorities across adult social care, cyber security, information governance and beyond, we are really proud to have our work and approach recognised. 

You can read our full submission below and if you fancy voting for us the link to do so is here

CC2i is a public sector crowdfunding platform allowing local authorities to come together to co-fund and co-design digital solutions to priority challenges. 

CC2i has worked with over 70 local authorities and undertaken a range of collaborative, digital projects worth in excess of £1.6million. The premise is to make better use of public funds, ensure resulting products really meet local authority and their partner requirements and to establish a ‘commercial footing’ from the start, to ensure product take up, sustainability and growth.

Over the past 12 months the pandemic has had a significant impact on adult social care, and as one of the areas where ‘digital’ had yet to really make a difference to front line services, CC2i has run six council-led projects to deliver key solutions at pace.

Involving over 30 local authorities with health, care and safeguarding partners, digital solutions across hospital discharge, safeguarding, self-led care and support assessments, as well as virtual support for people with learning disabilities have been developed and deployed. 

CC2i engaged with all the partners, provided the legal framework, acted as broker between the councils, stakeholders and the solution provider, undertook the business analysis, managed the projects from a programme perspective and developed the commercial model with partners. 

Using a variety of channels we have disseminated information about the work to all councils with responsibility for ASC. We are now in the process of deploying the solutions in multiple settings, spreading and sharing the collaborative work and digital benefits.