The new public sector co-funding and collaboration platform CC2i is celebrating it's first campaign success four months after launch, having secured commitment and funding from five local authorities to deliver a new approach to customer service content management.  


The programme of work will see four councils work together with Yorkshire based Kirklees Council to develop the new approach based on crowdsourcing knowledge from specialists across local authorities, and sharing what is common to all.  


CC2i Founder and Managing Director Guy Giles said;  


"We are really pleased with this first fully funded campaign as it confirms that public sector organisations are willing to collaborate around specific needs and issues irrespective of geography. Crowdfunding campaigns in the private sector tend to run for about a month, so introducing a new public sector co-funding approach from scratch and securing the first fully funded campaign within four months is a big achievement." 

Having launched this pitch back in the autumn of 2016, CC2i took it through the full campaign cycle in 12 weeks.


Jane Hancer, Director of Innovation at CC2i said; 


"This is a pivotal moment for public sector as it proves the appetite and ability for collaboration and co-funding across local government. These five authorities each face similar issues in terms of customer service content management and have agreed to work together, share resources and co-fund an approach which will benefit them all, as well as delivering measurable savings to each of their bottom lines. 


CC2i has four further SME-led pitches currently going through the campaign stages and a number of other pitches in the pipeline. The challenges these pitches seek to address are diverse; from e-learning modules around the growing cyber threat, to improving the commercial capability of councils, GDPR and the first health-focused pitch looking for collaboration around a new digital approach to monitoring elderly and vulnerable patients 


Alongside these pitches, CC2i is also driving the first council-led collaboration focused on Case Management, which is currently in the requirements specification stage. Once complete this will be published on the CC2i platform and promoted to councils keen to collaborate and co-fund a new approach. 


With this first success now progressing into the delivery phase, CC2i is keen to work across local government and with the SME community to drive co-funding forward as a viable and sustainable commercial approach that will deliver better outcomes for the public sector and the people they serve





  • CC2i launched in September 2016:  
  • The CC2i platform launched to enable effective digital collaboration across the UK; offering a mechanism to elicit co-funding, co-design and development across public sector to deliver better, more relevant and more sustainable digital products.  
  • CC2i is based on the premise that many public sector organisations face similar challenges and therefore could benefit from the same technology, but are rarely in a position to design, commission and develop relevant solutions. Previous public sector partnerships have demonstrated that significant savings can be delivered when collaborating with others and successful collaboration can be more efficient and more effective than designing and developing alone.    
  • The CC2i platform is open to teams across public sector who want to develop a digital solution or take something they have developed in-house to the next stage. As well as SMEs who want to develop solutions and digital products in collaboration with public sector bodies, but who are often shut out or stifled by complicated procurement procedures.  
  • CC2i is supported by SOCITM, Better Connected and the Local Public Services CIO Council 
  • All pitches can be seen here and the firs funded campaign here.