January 22-26th 2018
This week we have mostly been...


Talking to people about Blockchain


On Thursday we sent the second campaign mailer focused on our Blockchain tech research and business analysis and got 10 councils come back to us within 36 hours.


The initial announcement of this collaboration was in the first week of Jan, and we are now speaking with 20 councils across the UK.


Is it just well timed in terms of focusing on an emerging technology, with huge potential, that people just don’t know enough about?


Is it because it is sponsored by a council? (LB Lambeth came to us with the idea back in late 2017)


Probably a bit of everything. Either way this is a collaboration that is piquing interest, now our job is to transfer interest into collaboration commitment.


Picking up again on the ASC Digital Care Needs Assessment campaign


Two councils who had registered interest in being part of the ASC Care Needs collaboration had their senior leadership team meetings this week. The result: 1-1.


We are really pleased that Bradford MBC joined up the this collaboration alongside Stockton-on-Tees & Nottinghamshire CC. The other council took an alternative route, but are planning to work closely with us to see if there is crossover further down the line.


Just two more teams to find...


Promoting and selling Dojo to more councils... 


This week Gloucester City Council and Gosport Borough Council signed up to the cyber & GDPR awareness training, that is the result of 10 councils co-funding and co-developing some really great training in 2017.


That brings the total to 22 councils who have signed up since December. We’re not surprised at all by this though - Dojo’s engaging, and sector specific training on cyber and GDPR is proving to be a compelling combination.


Planning for a workshop for the next phase of training collaborations...


With Dojo in place covering key cyber topics and GDPR, we are now in discussion around what comes next. Many of the original collaborating councils are keen to work together again on new training modules where council focused input in terms of the messages and design could really add value.


Ideas around Information Sharing, Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Safety and more have been suggested, so this week we have been planning a workshop for the end of Feb to bring together Heads of Learning and Development/HR with the film-makers Matobo to discuss the areas of most need.  


We were also


  • Having on-going conversations with NHS Digital around adapting the cyber training to be health specific;
  • Preparing for an ‘all-delegate’ exercise at next week’s iNetwork conference to tease out the digital priorities and pain that will shape the landscape in public sector in the NW during 2018 - more on this next week...