What do we need/ what steps are involved?

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  • Commitment  

Commitment from the Head of Comms, Head of IT and Chief Executive. 


Your organisation will need to assign a representative/ decision-maker/ subject matter expert to liaise with our production team for the duration of the project, ensuring the content meets your organisation's requirements. That person might be a senior representative from IT and/or an in-house cyber security awareness specialist. They will need to be a confident decision-maker and creative thinker. 


  • Scoping 

One-day initial scoping workshop with all partners to: 

  • Discuss common themes; 
  • Capture and agree issues unique to Local Authorities, which will lead to the creation of bespoke local authority content. 


Outcome = agree common themes. 


  • Initial Generic Treatment 

The outputs from the scoping workshop, plus additional research, will then go into creating the first draft of the re-purposed material, with additional written content. 


This draft script would be circulated to all partners and agreed/edited, via an online collaboration tool. 


Outcome = circulation of new script, including re-purposed material plus up to 10 minutes of new material. 


  • Locked Script 

Following collaboration and editing, through iterative drafts, the script is agreed and signed off by partner councils and 'locked'. This is a production milestone – any change requests to the script after this point must be agreed by all parties and additional fees will be incurred. 


Outcome = agreed and locked script. 


  • Voice Casting 

We will record tests of script readings from a selection of voice-over artists and circulate them to all partners. Once a voice is agreed, we will contract the voice-over artist to deliver the entire series. This is a production milestone – a change to the voice casting will require a complete re-record/edit and must be agreed by all parties and additional fees will be incurred. 


Outcome = agree the voice-over artist. 


  • Script recordings/Audio Guides 

The locked scripts are recorded in a professional broadcast studio and edited to music. These will form the basic soundtrack of the finished films, to which the animations will be timed. 


Outcome = agree and lock the finished voice/music audio tracks. 


  • Pre-visualisations and Render & Movement tests 

This is when we start creating our "characters" and the visual look and environment of the animations. Following various tests with the BBC, we established that a "hero" character works well as the representative/advocate of the audience – a non-racial/gender/class specific character that travels on a journey through each film and around which the events in the film happen. 


Outcome = agree and lock visuals of the characters and environment. 


  • Pose to Pose 

An initial draft of each film is created for each partner, giving a high quality, but not entirely fluid, visual guide. These guides do not have all of the final movement detail – just static scenes and moments with some animation to show progression from one scene to the next. 


Outcome = agree and lock visual progression of each film. 


  • Draft Animation 

Animation detail is added and movements refined. At this stage, edits are restricted to small detail changes and refinements. We allow for 2 sets of change requests from partners. 


Outcome = agree visuals of each film, in preparation of final animation. 


  • Final Animation 

Following notes and change requests from partners, the final animation is rendered and locked. This is a production milestone – a change to the visuals after this point will require editing/rendering and subsequent editing of the sound design. It must be agreed by all parties and additional fees will be incurred. 


Outcome = final animations of all 10 films rendered. 


  • Sound Design 

Visuals are given extra life by audio embellishments and sound effects. 


Outcome = agree and lock sound design of each film. 


  • Final Mastering 

Visuals are rendered in final quality and sound is mixed and balanced. 


Outcome = final delivery of partner films. 


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