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Matobo Ltd is uniquely placed to deliver an optimum balance of high quality, reliability and value for money. 


Proven delivery of high quality video material to public-facing organisations, at the very highest level of quality expectations - we have been the preferred supplier for all of the BBC Academy College of Technology video assets since January 2012, plus numerous other web assets for other BBC divisions, including R&D, Information Security, UX&D and iPlayer. They are the most prestigious broadcaster in the world and have the highest expectations of quality. We’re not just people who have “worked in TV” - we’ve shaped and lead some of the most cutting-edge and critically acclaimed TV of the past two decades and this has left us with the highest quality thresholds - we have the experience to notice details that others don’t. 


  • Exceeding Expectations - that’s our overriding principle in everything we do. All of our clients are consistently delighted by our ability to give them something better than they’re expecting. One thing we hear regularly is that we help clients “punch above their weight” - and that’s because we deliver video assets that raise our clients’ perceived value. All of our work receives the same care and attention, whether it’s a BAFTA award-winning landmark TV series or a more simple talking head for a website. It looks and sounds fabulous. 


  • Value - we’re unusual because of our world-class broadcast experience and how we’ve combined that with new wave technology and an obsession for delivering the same quality at a fraction of broadcast prices. We relocated out of London to cut costs and we chose Sheffield for it’s central location and value for money. We have invested in a brand new 4K cinema camera and lens system that offers big-screen blockbuster quality at a price unimaginable in the more conservatively-priced broadcast industry. We’re also unusual in our abilities to multi-task on camera and sound, without compromising on quality. All editing projects are overseen and fine-polished by Ben Giles, who has a personal BAFTA nomination for editing and is a voting member of the BAFTA cinema jury. 


  • Reliability/Resilience - beautiful films are of no use if they’re not delivered on time, every time. One spelling error on a caption can mean an entire re-rendering of a project and a costly time delay. We apply equal rigour to spotting potential issues before they happen, building in resilience to all of our processes and being constantly mindful of our business commitment - we settle at nothing to ensure our pristine products reach our clients by the time we agree. 

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