Adult Social Services Digital Care Needs Assessment


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Project contact: Dr Lianne Viney


Project Description

Led by public-sector analysts and innovative technology designers/developers, this proposed work will deliver:


  • In-depth analysis to the challenges involved in ASC needs assessment process;
  • A high level blueprint for a collaborative public-sector led ASC needs assessment and care information solution;
  • A Minimum Viable Product for a digital self-service/assisted self-service approach to the Care Needs Assessments processes.


This project began with an all-partner scoping workshop on March 14th, 2018.

And will take 12-16 weeks to deliver.


Project Synopsis

Adult Social Care (ASC) is currently one of the most analogue and expensive services that councils deliver. The Care Act increased the pressure particularly around assessments and with an ageing population this vital service will continue to feel the strain, and struggle if left unchanged.


Responsible officers across the country are all facing the same challenge and some councils report that only c. 20% of people who go through the assessment process receive a care package. There is still the responsibility to undertake the assessment and signpost to self-funding services and information for the other 80%. Clearly there will be variation around the country, but the challenge is ubiquitous.


This project has brought together a group of ASC service heads to undertake a piece of collective research and analysis that will look to produce a blueprint for a public sector led digital approach to care needs self assessment.


Following the business analysis and user research, and its consideration, a technical approach and product outline will result. This will itself lead to an early stage, focused product or MVP (a minimum viable productthat has value to all partners and providing a solid base from which to work and build.


Every local authority in the country has to deliver ASC and even when austerity has cut as deep as it will, ASC services will still survive. We believe digital can play a vital role in the ASC assessment process. Done with sensitivity, significant savings can be delivered, whilst still protecting the needs of the most complex and vulnerable cases.


Next Steps

We expect there to be a further round of co-funding to develop the resulting MVP into a more sustainable and scalable solution. If this might be something you would like to know more about please email



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