Adult Social Care Accelerator (Autumn 2019) - Call to Action



Having successfully started the LGA/NHS Digital Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA) during Summer 2019, CC2i is keen to keep up momentum in this space by bringing together a number of new digital collaborations around the challenges faced by local government & partners within Adult Social Care.


The SCDIA generated a lot of interest - we spoke with over 75 councils in just six weeks - and we know there is a willingness to engage with good projects using a collaborative, council-led  co-design approach. It also made engaging with new digital ASC projects easy - no long funding submissions plus the benefits of sharing budget, risk and resources - and our new accelerator keeps it just as simple.



Call to Action

To start this new ASC Accelerator we need your help to identify and choose the best projects. And to do this there are four simple questions:


  • Do you have a challenge you think is likely to be shared by 20 other LAs? If so, what is it? (minimum a sentence maximum a paragraph)
  • Why is it important? (e.g: incoming legislation, resource intensive process etc)
  • Would you consider collaborating on a digital solution to address it by inputting subject matter expertise and budget with other councils
  • Do you know any provider already developing in this area?

It could be a feeling, a germ of an idea or something that you categorically know would make ASC more efficient and effective, not just in your authority, but in others. 


There will be hundreds of challenges and good ideas out there and we need your help to collate them, so if you could develop anything to help improve ASC delivery what would it be? And if you don’t know the solution to your challenge, simply define the challenge. 


We have set up a Survey Monkey form here, which will take you through the four questions above. We don’t want reams of background or even necessarily your solution to the issue, just a paragraph as to the challenge and why it’s important;  it’s that simple.


Complete the questions here: - it will take no more than two minutes.



The Collaboration

Councils: The co-funding councils will lead on defining the challenge and ensuring the technology outlined, and eventually built, meets their requirements. Together they are ‘The Client’.


Key to being part of a collaboration is that the councils who step up to co-fund and co-design the solutions in the first place get a benefit for doing so, whether by reduced ongoing licence fees or some other approach.


Technical Partner: The technical partner will lead on executing the discovery and development phases in line with the councils wishes as ‘The Provider’. CC2i will work with councils to engage an appropriate provider for each project. IP in all cases will rest with the developer.


CC2i: CC2i will bring the collaborations together and ensure projects progress to plan, manage payments and mediate any issues; we are ‘The Facilitator’. For undertaking this role CC2i's commission is 10% of the funds raised, which is a standard approach in crowdfunding more widely.


Key to successful digital collaborations and resulting solutions is ensuring take up more widely. During the collaboration process CC2i will have numerous conversations with councils and essentially 'prime the market'. CC2i's role in the collaboration will also be to help develop the underlying business case, drive take up and resell the work of the accelerator projects underpinned by a revenue share model with the provider.




As the name suggests, the accelerator intends to be quick. Starting with a short window to collect ideas, a quick turn around to identify the best ones, then - working together - draft and refine the ‘pitch’. 


After that CC2i will engage with relevant suppliers, run the ‘campaign phase’ to actively get councils to engage and agree to co-fund and co-design the solution, before the projects heads into either a discovery or development phase. 


The current timetable is:


Wednesday 25th September

Submission deadline

26th-27th September

Projects Assessed

1st - 11th October 

Work up pitches

14th October - 29th November

Campaign phase 

December 2019/January 2020

Projects Begin




For more information or to talk about the accelerator further please email