Product Synopsis

Digital self care health, wellbeing and lifestyle management solution. Based on a highly successful offline CBT model, enhanced by personalised, digital tools enabling people with long-term conditions to be supported 24/7 across a range of physical, mental and emotional health issues as well as addressing wider lifestyle factors.



Product Description

The SelfCareHub is a digital solution that enables users to self-assess, self-manage and self-monitor their long-term condition (LTC). It has been expressly designed by public health professionals, GPs, LTC specialists and patients in partnership with innovative technical developers to support people with long-term conditions to be self-sufficient and resourceful to confidently manage their needs and reduce dependency on the care system.


The SelfCareHub is underpinned by a biopsychosocial model in evaluating and identifying health functioning and supporting positive behavioural change and provides valuable data in understanding people’s ability and confidence to self-manage to support local commissioning priorities. The web-based, mobile-responsive solution gives people access to a range of tools, resources and knowledge to assist them 24/7 to develop self-care skills and access peer support through both offline and online means.


Current tools include:

  • Confidence assessment technology
    • Based on widely used paper-based assessments, this online adaptation takes people through a number of easy to complete steps where they can identify challenges within their life and specifically around their LTC. The assessment tool underpins the SCH and can be revisited to give both users and clinicians an ongoing view of their health and wellbeing, as well as detailed data to track trends and identify triggers;
  • Tools to set and manage challenges, targets and goals
    • Hundreds of challenges, targets and goals enable users to define their own self care programme. Challenges, targets and goals can be health and/or condition specific as well as more wellbeing, lifestyle and/or generic. The ability to manage individual targets and challenges within a wider context allows users to see progress within a personalised framework and work safely towards both single and multiple goals;
  • Clinically signed off multimedia content with in-built recommendation engine;
    • Based on the personalised health needs assessment, multimedia content managed within a bespoke content management system (CMS) and supplemented by data feeds from a variety of leading health and related sources is delivered to the user at the right point in their journey. Local content is authored within the CMS and supplemented by content from a range of providers including local health partners, LTC specialists, recognised third-sector health providers, NHS Choices and additional online platforms;
  • Journal functionality
    • A diary function allows the recording of health and wellbeing commentary that is not necessarily captured within the goals and challenges. It can be used for a specific purpose or simply to underpin the data that is captured via other tools;
  • Activity log
    • The activity log reminds users of the activities they have committed to within the system based on their needs assessment and identified goals and prompts their completion;
  • Ability to request support from friends, family and healthcare professionals
    • Being able to request support to achieve a particular activity or goal is one of the most powerful elements within the SelfCareHub. Integrated with a number of social media platforms and messaging systems, users can digitally request support from friends, family and clinicians to achieve their goals.

The benefits delivered by the SelfCareHub are manifold, stemming from giving patients more information on which to make decisions, giving them greater understanding of other influences affecting their lives and enabling them to take control of their health and wellbeing. By giving people the tools to manage their condition on a regular basis, they are moved to become more activated, engaged and in control of their condition. Increased patient activation has shown to reduce provider costs between 8-21%.


The SelfCareHub is a collaborative solution to make significant changes to the way healthcare is delivered; improving working practices, reducing duplication, giving transparency, sharing best practice, data and more. Resulting in improved health outcomes, reduced reliance on medication, increased patient confidence to live with their LTC, financial savings and a more holistic, person-centred healthcare delivery model.


Taking into consideration more than just the clinical issues affecting a person's health - such as housing, finance, relationships, social or emotional factors - which traditional healthcare pathways do not always consider or assess - the SCH  brings these wider issues into a healthcare framework via an accessible, person-focused self-care solution, encouraging patients to address them in parallel with, and in direction relation to, their LTC.


SelfCareHub Service Features

  • Person-centred approach to health
  • Personalised health needs assessment (HNA) based on proven CBT methodology
  • Confidence assessment tools also covering lifestyle, finance and emotional health
  • Clinically signed off, personalised multimedia content based on HNA
  • Integrated with social network platforms for peer support (family, friends, professionals)
  • Underpinned by target setting & goal achievement
  • Journalling functionality
  • Graphing capability to monitor progress and interaction
  • Integrated success recognition
  • Used both as a mobile working tool and self-care support system

SelfCareHub Service Benefits

  • Reduction in front line patient attendances/appointments
  • Reduced reliance on medication
  • Increased levels of patient confidence, satisfaction & outcomes
  • Significant frontline savings in growing LTC patient arena
  • Ability for solution to handle any LTC or health area
  • Reduced isolation levels & increased peer-support
  • Clinically signed off content and tools from across NHS et al
  • Ongoing assessment tools chart personalised health trends & triggers
  • Engenders cross-public sector/NHS collaboration supporting LTCs
  • Accessible, 24/7, mobile friendly self-care solution

Current Customers


Pre-Deployment Analysis Customers


We are expecting to be listed on GCloud8 later in July 2016. More details to follow.