Product Synopsis

ScanStation is a unique and comprehensive software and furniture solution. It enables customers to self-scan documents in support of a range of government services, including housing benefit, CTR, bus passes, blue badge and more. ScanStation ensures quality images every time, integrates with any back-end system and is a simple, accessible customer-focused solution.



Product Description

ScanStation is made up of an easy to navigate Android app, and furniture which guarantees privacy for users and secures the tablets for local authorities. It empowers claimants to self-scan documents to support a range of services. Developed to be accessed by the public on securely mounted tablets within any customer or back office  environment, the seamless end-to-end solution is proven to free up customer facing staff from document scanning and logging duties. The solution - designed in partnership between Kirklees Council and LookingLocal - is already integrated with Anite GIM and can be integrated with other back-end systems.


ScanStation supports a range of high volume services that require people to provide supporting documents to validate their claim, including, but not limited to:

  • Housing Benefit claims
  • Council Tax reduction claims
  • Blue Badge claims
  • Bus pass applications & renewals
  • Changes in circumstances
  • School transport applications

The ScanStation app has been designed to be used on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (9.7”) and has built on advanced image handling and manipulation components developed by Facebook to achieve the required image management behaviour, thus ensuring a superior scanning capability. It is capable of handling the different formats of supporting documents, such as passports, driving licences, wage slips, proof of being in receipt of benefit, ownership details or residency and more. On-site research shows that around 75% of all scans can be independently undertaken by the customer.


Offering an app rather than the option for people to scan at home or use their own camera/tablet reduces the number of quality issues that can be associated with scanning, such as poor lighting conditions, bad focus, poor quality devices/cameras and different file formats/sizes. It also enables all scans to be immediately applied to the correct application/case number in the back-end.


ScanStation is a service - not a standalone product. This means that, once onboard, our partners receive regular updates improving the services. We consult with our partners to establish features and updates they’d like to see in the platform as circumstances and requirements shift and evolve.


Currently, we’re in the late stages of developing a complete data tracking system, allowing councils to monitor the usage of ScanStation and their contact centre traffic, while maintaining the highest standards of privacy for ScanStation users. We are also introducing functionality for staff to be able to verify specified document types, so now if the flagged document type is selected, staff are notified and they can verify it personally - think alcohol at a self-service supermarket till. Ultimately, we know that we need to engage and consult with our partners to continue to deliver the high standards they expect.


ScanStation is a secure system, with simple steps and plain english guidance, which can be deployed to any organisation, complete with local branding, the option to integrate with other back-end systems or to be redesigned to reflect local requirements.



ScanStation Service Features


  • Dual Android app and secure furniture solution
  • Enhanced camera functionality ensures quality images every time
  • All files are delivered with corresponding metadata
  • Integrated with Anite GIM - can integrate with other back-end solutions
  • Enables UPRN (NLPG Unique Property Reference Number) real-time look-up
  • Complies with data protection/information security regulations
  • Ability to generate PDFs from individual image files
  • Uses the latest tablets to ensure longest shelf life
  • App can be deployed anywhere there is wifi
  • No personal data/images are saved on the device

ScanStation Service Benefits


  • Reduces face to face contact / enables self-service
  • Supports all services that require scanned supporting documents
  • Shortens the end-to-end application timeframe
  • Per scan saving of £3.66 (council customer service centre model)
  • ROI calculator available for every local authority to show savings potential
  • Year on year savings
  • Simple, non-technical, accessible app on known technology
  • PDF generation from individual image files eases handling of multi-page proofs
  • Enables advocates/family/friends to progress claims on applicants behalf
  • Potential for 50-80% of supporting documents to be self-scanned



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