Product Synopsis

HealthMyself is a digital solution to help manage frontline demand across primary healthcare services and give 24/7 access to health and wellbeing advice. A patient focused responsive website offering patient triage, a smart signposting engine, underpinned by dynamic provision of local, clinical and social sources of health/wellbeing advice.  


Product Description

HealthMyself is a patient focused website deployed locally to support primary care and frontline health services deliver a modern and comprehensive service.


Many patients now seek to support their traditional healthcare via the Internet - widely known as ‘Cyberchondria’ - and whilst there are many reputable online health services there are an equal number that can lead to increased patient anxiety, misdiagnosis and incorrect or out-of-date health advice; all of which ultimately leads to increased appointment requests and frontline cost.


Taking control of patients’ digital health and providing a gateway for their online health enquiries is a proactive way in which to address many of these issues, whilst supporting your patients to engage with valuable local groups and services that already exist and improve local health outcomes.


Developed in partnership with West Wakefield CCG (as part of their Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund winning digital health programme), HealthMyself has been designed for patients in collaboration with health commissioners, GPs, frontline staff, local support services and patient groups. Addressing needs all along the health delivery pathway, HealthMyself has proven to support practitioners, give valuable 24/7 support to patients, reduce the burden on frontline services, deliver savings, efficiencies and transformation, whilst revitalising local health and community services.


HealthMyself is made up of four main features:

  • Digital Triage
  • Directory of Local Services
  • Integration with NHS Choices Tools, Appointment/Prescription Systems & Mega Platforms (see below)
  • A Bespoke Whitelisting Engine

 The premise of HealthMyself is not about booking a GP appointment, but finding the right local services based on need; whether that be a physiotherapist, minor ailment, support group or further information. The primary aim is to reduce GP appointments, but of course there is a need to make them available where that is the right pathway, so HealthMyself can integrate with GP appointment booking systems as well as repeat prescription ordering solutions, patient record and other relevant back-end technologies.


LookingLocal developed HealthMyself in response to a range of issues being faced by healthcare providers - common problems of increased demand for frontline health services, an increasing desire for many to use digital technology to access healthcare services, the need to promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, and the fact that many patients are going online before contacting their doctors and getting unmonitored advice.


A number of key points from the NHS Five Year Forward View have also directed the development of HealthMyself, in particular around breaking down barriers between providers such as family doctors and hospitals, health and social care, physical and mental health, around giving patients more choice and control over their care, the need to push on with innovation in the healthcare sector, as well as the focus on prevention and health education.


The face of healthcare delivery is changing rapidly and it is obvious that technology has a significant role to play. We need to foster trust in health applications and technology to realise the best results for both patients and healthcare providers.


HealthMyself aims to build on the trust that already exists between the patient and their doctor, giving local practices a valuable (and crucially a trustworthy) set of digital tools focused on empowering their patients to access the information and support they need. Tools that signpost local services and digital triage capabilities that lead patients to the right online or offline health services and will enable a better patient experience, as well as the most effective use of local health resources.



HealthMyself Service Features

  • 24/7 Digital health triage for patients
  • Comprehensive health directory using leading health resources
  • ‘Whitelisting’ engine delivering safe/appropriate results supporting local health priorities
  • Integration with leading digital platforms to widen access to support networks
  • Ability to integrate with appointment and prescription records
  • Tools to enable local support services to better deliver information/services
  • Dedicated library of digital tools and apps
  • Translation capabilities
  • Mobile responsive, available across all devices

HealthMyself Service Benefits

  • Reduction in frontline demand
  • Improved demand management
  • Encourages self-help wherever appropriate
  • Increased health resilience among people with long-term conditions
  • Online 24/7 support for Carers
  • Improved patient health literacy
  • Addresses emergency vs non-emergency attendance head-on
  • Engages community with local health and support providers
  • Merges online and offline health networks for best patient results
  • Reduces duplication and improves information accuracy

Current Customers


Pre-deployment Analysis Customers


Expecting to be available on GCloud8 by late July 2016. More details to follow.