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Product Synopsis

Video based GDPR and cyber awareness training with supported e-learning for all levels of staff, developed by award winning production team, Matobo, in partnership with CC2i.


Introducing Dojo: Business

Cyber awareness and cyber security in every organisation is now simply essential.


High profile attacks have crippled organisations across the world and cyber threats are a high priority risk across all sectors. As cyber threats continue to adapt, all organisations need staff to stay up to date on the type of threats that are out there, as well as knowing how to mitigate them.


Plus with GDPR fast approaching, it is business critical that staff know the basis of the new regulation and how to manage personal data.


Working with the production team behind the BBC’s mandatory cyber & GDPR training course, we have developed ‘Dojo’. Dojo offers 35 minutes of high quality animated video-based training and SCORM compliant e-learning.


The 12 modules are accessible on any device, can be delivered in a range of formats and cover the full range of cyber threats, as well as two specific modules on GDPR.





This trailer previews just some of the high quality animated video modules that are included in Dojo. Each video is precise and to the point, ensuring high levels of staff engagement along with a cyber savvy workforce.


Dojo modules


  • GDPR -  What is Personal Data
  • GDPR -  How to Handle Personal Data
  • Introduction
  • Password Management
  • Scams
  • Social Media
  • Secure use of the internet
  • Online services and file sharing
  • Email
  • Portable devices and apps
  • Offline security
  • When to Seek Advice


A Dojo license gives your organisation unlimited access to 12 video training modules at a simple £1 a head on an annual basis, with a three year term.


Further to the video modules, the production team have also created SCORM compliant e-learning, which assesses how well your staff understand the training with key learning points and questions and answers. For both the video modules and supported e-learning, the cost is £1.50 per head on an annual basis with a three year term.


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