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Collaboration - often talked about, not so often seen.


Every project here on CC2i will be a collaboration between a number of public/third/private sector organisations. Public sector organisations, especially local ones, often consider their challenges unique. Aspects of them are, but the areas of overlap with public organisations elsewhere in the UK are far greater and we believe that by working collaboratively, and sharing the associated costs in doing so, better outcomes will follow.


Collaboration is not just about costs though. There are no shared challenges that the public sector faces in the UK which don't benefit from a broader set of eyes and ears. More importantly, by collaborating we build in long-term sustainability. Any product that has considered and addressed the challenges of 'many' is better placed to stand the test of time. Furthermore, it is much more likely to appeal to others who might engage with it later in its lifecycle. 


Let's not pretend, though, that collaboration doesn't present challenges to us. We are used to working in our respective organisational silos. This approach to 'getting things done' is disruptive and challenging. 


Check out the projects already collaborating this way here.


It's proven, and it works.