Lead Organisation: Matobo

Project lead: Jane Hancer jane.hancer@cc2i.org.uk

Project Synopsis


Local authority collaboration delivering video based Cyber Awareness training in partnership with the BAFTA-nominated film makers, Matobo, the team behind the BBC’s mandatory cyber training course. 


Current Status


Launched in March 2017, this collaboration was successfully co-funded in late June and work begaearly July to create a set of local authority focused cyber awareness training videos, using the same approach and style that worked so well for the BBC. 


With cyber threats on the increase the collaboration was timely and enables participating councils to help co-design valuable cyber training assets – relevant and accessible to all levels of employee – which they will deploy on their own e-Learning or intranet platforms. 


The training will cover a range of areas from understanding the threats to passwords and scams, secure use of the Internet and social media, file sharing, offline security, use of email, phishing, portable devices, guidance about when to seek advice and more.


Collaboration, Co-funding & Co-Design


An initial scoping meeting was held in in early July when the nine co-funding councils met with the film makers for a day to identify areas of importance in terms of policy, messages, approach, commentary and public sector cyber specifics.  


There was agreement around the table about what the training should focus on, with some debate around differing password policies and approaches to social media. With each authority facing similar – and growing – cyber threats, the group agreed on the final messages and are confident that the end result will help educate their employees in an engaging way to the different cyber threats they face. 


Film makers Matobo will now go through a number of stages including mapping the overall treatment, scripting, voice casting, animation, sound design, rendering and mastering, and at each stage the co-funders will have sight and sign off on the product.

The final product will be delivered to co-funders in October, and there will also then be the opportunity for other councils to purchase the final product.  


If you are interested in being kept informed about this project or would like to see an excerpt to understand the approach and style, then please get in touch.