To kick things off, we have a few simple questions that will help ensure you get started on CC2i in the best possible way. Follow the questions below to get the ball rolling...

What type of organisation are you?

Are you a Public/3rd Sector organisation or a Business?

(Public organisations might include local authorities, housing associations, health trusts and CCG's)


Public/3rd Sector   |   Business




Public Sector

Do you have a Challenge where digital may have a role to play or do you have an idea for a digital Product that solves a known challenge in your sector?


Challenge   |   Product Idea



Do you have a Product idea that solves a challenge for the public sector?


Yes   |   No


Your level of committment

Are you ready to work with others to build your vision?


Yes   |   No


Happy to share?

Are you willing to share details of your idea with others?


Yes I am   |   Not really



This may not be right for you currently

The spirit of CC2i is around collaboration and the benefits it can bring when resources are pooled. If you are not comfortable with this approach then you may need to consider other ways of reaching your goal.

All is not lost though. Why not contact us to discuss?

We're happy to share NDA's so that you can talk to us openly about an alternative approach.


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