The Headline


Consentua is a consent management tool. It helps Local Authorities to record consent decisions in a consistent, auditable way. The interactions are captured securely and because we adhere to emerging standards, the results are interchangeable between services. It is also as lightweight, secure and unobtrusive as possible. 



The Challenge


GDPR becomes law on 25th May 2018. One of the most pressing tasks for councils is the need to deal with the issue of consent. Whilst the information commissioner recognises that for Local Authorities, consent is not always the appropriate justification for processing data, there are many occasions where consent must be given.  


This consent now needs to be explicit and ‘informed’. A significant change from the previous Data Protection Act which requires local authority action. 



The Solution

Consentua is a lightweight consent management tool. It enables you to capture a record of the consents that your users provide in using your services. It also gives your users greater control over the use of their data. This creates more trust between you and your users. 


Including Consentua within your existing processes is seamless and unobtrusive to your users. It integrates with your customer facing systems via an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API). 


Consentua works by comparing consent requests against an organisation’s consent template. We can work with you to create this template which is the list of consents required from users to enable them to use your services. 


We have designed Consentua with Local Authorities in mind. In particular how it will handle some of the challenges in providing Social Care for adults and children. The solution delegates consent decisions for Children according to Information Commission advice.


Socitm Says:



A UK government minister* recently confirmed that we will be implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.   


The new regulation marks a big shift in data protection regulation towards giving individuals very high degrees of control over the use of their personal data by other parties. 


It is a fact that local public services are ever increasingly underpinned by digital and other ICT systems that gather, store and exchange personal data. Furthermore, local public services are many and diverse and must operate at the local population level of scale. They will each need to develop entirely new processes to obtain and then manage a variety of differently informed consent life-cycles from potentially 100,000’s of individuals. 


This proposal is to co-develop new GDPR-compliant processes and supporting digital service tooling that can be brought to market to the benefit of the co-developers and many other local public service providers.  


This intention is aligned to Socitm’s recommended strategy of encouraging Simplify–Standardise–Share. 

November 2016 


* Secretary of State Karen Bradley MP at the Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee in October 2016


The Offer


We propose to create a ‘Cookbook’ to enable Local Authorities to deploy Consentua across their organisation. This requires working with our team to discover the consents that are common across authorities and those that are specific to your own authority. 


The Cookbook will help create the Consent Template that controls the consents required of your users. We would work with a nominated service within your authority to ensure that the consents required are captured and created within your template. 


We will also supply you with the first 500,000 API calls that you make as part of this service. 


All you need to do is to sign up and provide us with access to someone from your chosen directorate and one IT person. 



Number of LA’s signed up 

Cost for CookBook and 500,000 API Calls 





About KnowNow


KnowNow Information provides go-to data expertise for the smartest cities, growth companies and startups. We dazzle our customers through innovation and speed of execution. Through the improved use of data, KnowNow creates innovative products that improve citizen lives whilst helping our customers identify their own ‘eureka!’ moments. 


Based at the University of Portsmouth, KnowNow was formed in 2013 after the two founders, Chris Cooper and David Patterson left IBM’s Local Government team. Consentua has been developed in-house with academic advice on consent and digital rights from University of Southampton’s Dr. Richard Gomer.