Next up for Council Co-Designed & Co-Funded Training: Key Information Issues Post the GDPR Deadline & How To Be a Good Manager


On Friday we brought seven local authorities together with video production & learning experts from Matobo, to talk about the next phase in council co-designed and co-funded training, following the success of the cyber/GDPR collaboration (link).


There was an equal split of Information Governance and Learning & Development people, with representation from councils who had been involved in the original cyber co-funding to others that were completely new to the approach. Immediately the group gelled and a wide ranging conversation began.


In a GDPR focused world, conversations began around what will become the new data governance status quo. The key here was around making the most of the information governance rules. Everyone agreed the term ‘GDPR’ now had a negative connotation, that there had been organisation-wide losses in confidence resulting in a decreased sharing of data and an increased reliance on IG teams to give continual support and guidance.


As such, a focus for the next round of council co-designed training will inevitably be ‘Information Sharing & Risk Management’, covering protocols and procedures, data breaches and organisational harm, as well as lawful data processing and sharing with confidence.


Away from IT and Information Governance, ‘How to be a Manager’ was felt to be an area that was lacking in terms of OD. Often when people are promoted to manager status, there is no formal training in terms of responsibilities, transitioning from team member to team leader, or help in how to have ‘difficult conversations’. Indeed offering the basics in terms of contract management, becoming a commissioner of services and more informal management techniques could help both in terms of leadership, as well as service delivery.  


Conversations covered a wide range of training needs from basic IT skills to safeguarding,  organisation-wide culture change to employees who don’t have IT access and how to engage with them. There were some practical examples shared around this last point, particularly about timing - better to do it earlier in the day - and how long training should be - ‘bite-sized’.


Different learning techniques and ‘blended learning’ were discussed and there was recognition that training and eLearning had to be more diverse, as the workforce becomes more diverse.


It was interesting to hear Notts CCC are using Skype to deliver training to kitchen staff, whilst Sheffield City Council runs a weekly cyber/info management/GDPR awareness clinic on a Friday morning and gets between 30-40 members of staff coming every week.


Doncaster has set up an IT suite at one of the main buildings/maintenance depots and runs short morning sessions when staff are in, picking up job sheets and materials. They also run ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions particularly for managers, who come together with their pack-ups to do half hour shared learning.


Matobo and CC2i are now in the process of working up these ideas - with continued support from the group - into new council focused training pitches which we will be sharing and putting out for co-funding & co-design in the next few weeks…